Look Out For The Kids: Why Hiring A Family Lawyer Is A Good Idea

Everyone knows that a family lawyer is helpful when you’re going through a divorce or a legal separation. The Bremer Whyte Family Law experts will help you navigate this difficult time and make the process as seamless as possible. Here are a few of the areas in which their team of attorneys can help assist you:


Whether you’re the one giving up a child for adoption, or the one adopting the child, having a lawyer guide you through the process and ensure that everything is done properly is enormously helpful. Particularly for young birth mothers or first-time adoptive families who don’t fully understand the process, a lawyer can smooth the way and make things easier to understand.

Getting a child out of an abusive home

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even much older siblings may realize that a child’s home isn’t safe. While the instinct may be to simply try to yank the child out of the home, this isn’t the legal or best way to handle it. A lawyer, however, can help you determine the best route to take, including helping you gather evidence and present the case to a judge, if necessary. They can also help you find a guardian ad litem, whose sole job is looking out for the best interest of the children.

Making arrangements for after death

Whether it’s writing a will, choosing life insurance or deciding on godparents, when you’ve decided who you want to raise your children in the event of your death, a lawyer can help you make sure that all the legal paperwork is properly filled out and filed. If you’re having trouble making these decisions, they may also be able to give you helpful advice to make the decision easier.

Temporary custody when parents need help

If the parents have a substance abuse problem or other personal issues that they need to address, they may find that it’s easier and better for everyone, including the kids, to sign temporary custody over to a relative or close family friend while they get sober or otherwise deal with their situation. A lawyer can help ensure that all the necessary paperwork is filled out and the temporary guardians have the control they need while the parents can focus on their problems with complete confidence that once their problem is resolved, they’ll be able to get their kids back again.

When the child has severe issues

Children occasionally and unfortunately can have severe mental illnesses, debilitating diseases, addictions and other problems that might require they be separated from the family temporarily or permanently. If you have to put your child in an inpatient facility, a boarding school, or some other facility to help get their situation under control, hiring a lawyer to help you look over paperwork, fill it out, and ensure that the facility you’ve chosen is legitimate can help ease your mind.

There are many situations that call for the guidance, advice, and assistance of a family lawyer. Many offer free consultations, so in any situation involving family, it never hurts to meet with a lawyer to make sure that you do what’s best for all involved. Whenever children are involved, you should definitely seek the assistance of a lawyer to ensure that you make decisions that are looking out for the best interest of the children.


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5 Ways Of Helping Your Teenage Daughter Overcome Body Image Issues

Every mom can likely go back in time to when she was just a teenager fretting over her weight and body. Stuck at a stage where your body is changing, but likely not how you want it to, many girls go through a phase where she’s unsure of herself and how her body is developing. Some feel too thin or too fat while others stress over not having developed breasts, thighs, or curves. Every girl wishing to be the center of attention, but falling short in her eyes.

If you can relate to your daughter than you know exactly what she’s going through. Unfortunately, now things are heightened by the media and social outlets. If you’ve noticed your teenage daughter has been obsessing over her body, it is imperative to step in and show her how to love herself, before things get out of hand. Below are some tips:

Talk to Her About Developmental Changes

Although she may have had lessons in health class, it is important for you to teach your daughter about puberty and how it affects her body. Things like weight gain, uneven breasts, pimples, thinning hair, and other changes are common and will eventually balance out. You might even consider sharing your childhood stories with her to make her feel better.

Be a Good Role Model

You can’t very well expect your teen to feel good about how she looks if you’re constantly picking yourself apart. This may be challenging for some moms (as we all have things we’d love to change), but you’ll need to start embracing yourself positively more. Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff in front of a mirror, throw on clothes to compliment your figure, and smile. Your daughter will see this.

Show Her How to Compliment Her Changing Body

It’s important to find clothes that fit your daughter so that she can feel comfortable with her appearance. Whether your daughter feels like she’s too thin or too big, you have to show her how to love her body at every stage. You can shop clothing online and browse through their new products or check out their sale items for a discount on plus size clothing. Regardless of where you find the clothing, make sure it’s something that your daughter feels comfortable in. When she feels good about what she has on, it will start to reflect inwardly.

Mind Her Screen Time

Unfortunately, the internet can be cruel – especially to growing teenagers. As the media paints the picture that there is only one form of beauty, many teens begin to feel like they’re not good enough. Not to mention, high schoolers are known for teasing and bullying online. Unlike when you were a kid and the teasing went no further than the schoolyard, one horrible comment on social media can follow your child for years and ruin their self-esteem. Be mindful of how much internet time she has and also be aware of what she’s exposed to and what her friends are talking about.

Encourage Healthy Living

If your teen is struggling with health issues or weight issues, don’t isolate the teen and make them eat salads while the rest of you enjoy a regular meal. Instead, encourage the entire family to eat healthier. Not only will eating healthy help with weight management, but it can improve her mood, therefore, improving the way she feels about her body.

It’s not easy raising teenage girls today. As they struggle to find their own identities there will be peaks and valleys. As their mother, however, it is your job to instill in her morals and values that will far outlast anything she hears in school, reads on the internet, or sees on television. By showing her how beautiful she is at any stage in her life, she’ll keep these lessons with her and learn to embrace the beauty inside and out. If your teen is struggling with bullying, an eating disorder, or has become depressed as a result of her body image, getting her help from a therapist is highly recommended.

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Quick Breakfast Ideas for Moms on a Tight Schedule

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but it can also be one of the most difficult for moms on the go. When you’re on a tight schedule, you don’t have the time to prepare a full meal for the family. Trying to make sure everyone gets where they need to be on time, most moms will forego breakfast altogether or the kids start the day with quick, yet, unhealthy meals like donuts, pastries, or sugar-filled cereals.

If your schedule doesn’t leave much time for prepping meals in the morning, there are other options. These quick breakfast ideas will save you time and give your kids the nutrition they need to start the day off right.


Oatmeal is very high in fiber and other nutrition which makes it a great first meal. With healthy options like steel cut oatmeal and just a few minutes, your children can have a warm breakfast before heading off to school. You can add fruit or other seasonings like cinnamon and brown sugar to the mix to add a bit more flavor for the kids.

Granola Bars

Another high fiber nutrient-packed meal you can give your kids – especially those who aren’t big on eating early, to begin with, are granola bars. While you could easily grab a box of bars from the store, granola bars are actually pretty easy to make. A little honey and your favorite oats, nuts, chocolates, or fruits and you’re good to go. You can ask the kids to help make them on the weekends for some family fun. This way, you’ll know that they like the flavors because they helped make them.

Fruit Smoothies

Breakfast smoothies can be fun to make and are also high in nutrition for you and your children. Using a high-quality blender, the kids can get up each morning and mix a combination of fruits and veggies with either milk or juice and ice and enjoy a sweet, but healthy treat. Using fruits high in vitamin C like oranges and pineapples will boost their energy levels and immune system.

Yogurt Parfait

When time is of the essence, yogurt is a quick grab and go breakfast idea. If you have the time and want to switch things up, you can provide options for the kids. Pieces of fruit and granola, for instance, give it a little more sweetness and a lot of crunch. Parfaits are easy to make and even better to eat.

Tortilla Wraps

If you do have some time in the morning, but not quite enough to make eggs, bacon, pancakes, and the works, there are tasty, yet quick solutions. What kid doesn’t love tacos? Instead of adding beef, cheese, and lettuce, you’d add some scrambled eggs and cheese or bacon. Wraps are not only quick to make but are very portable for those days they have to eat on the road.


On the weekends when you’re not as pressed for time, you can make a few batches of muffins to last a few days. Bran, banana nut, and blueberry are all delicious flavors that kids love to eat. Now, during the week when there’s no time to stop and chew, the kids can grab a muffin and keep it moving. If you’re not much of a baker, you can always purchase a dozen muffins from the grocery store or local bakery.

The mornings are hectic for most households, particularly those who have multiple children. Getting everyone up and dressed on time is a challenge in and of itself. So why make breakfast time any harder than it has to be? Instead of trying to squeeze in the time to make a full meal, allowing the kids to have sugar-filled items so early, or skipping breakfast altogether, use some of the ideas above to create some quick grab and go breakfast for the family.

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Dealing with a Pet’s Illness as a Family

Anyone who has ever had and lost a pet knows that the death of a pet can be extremely painful. Many people would say “it’s just an animal,” but the truth is that these animals often become a real part of the family and are very loved. However, as with any negative experience, it is possible to get something valuable out of it. In this case, there are many valuable lessons that can be learned through the death of a pet. In particular, this type of experience can be used to teach a child a healthy way to mourn and express their emotions after the death of a loved one.

Children come into the world completely innocent and with no knowledge of how things really work. Death can be very scary to a child because they do not understand it and they do not know what it entails. This is why, when a child actually happens to lose a loved one, while the experience is very painful, it can also be used as a learning opportunity.

This is particularly true with pets because the child could have actually assumed a role of caregiver to the pet while the pet was alive. Parents often get pets for their children because they feel it is a good chance for them to be teaching responsibility to their children. The children will learn how to take care of a pet and provide for it in the way that it needs, including providing food, water, attention, and whatever other needs an animal might have, such as a dog needing to be walked on a daily basis.

However, teaching responsibility does not end when the pet is alive. The child can also learn responsibilities. like how to deal with a death once the pet has died. The parent can take this as an opportunity to teach the child how to honor the life of the deceased, and teach the child that just because someone we love is gone does not mean we have to forget them. Just because your beloved dog or cat dies does not mean you ever need to forget that they were there or how much they meant to you and will always mean to you.

Dog skin cancer is one example. It is a very debilitating disease that can disable a person physically and in the worst cases, end up taking their lives. If your dog has any form of cancer, this can be an incredibly hard thing for a family to deal with.

As horrible as the loss of a pet can be, it is good to take all the positives out of the situation that one possibly can. After all, your pets do love you very much. Even though it is natural that you after they are gone, your pet would want you to remember the positive times you had together.


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Risks Associated With Late Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the best feelings in the world. Sure, it may have its downsides, but once you realize you’re carrying a little bundle of joy in your arms after a few months, these pregnancy symptoms begin to subside!

After all, starting a family is an amazing goal to achieve with someone you love. But of course, there are some risks that may come your way when you get pregnant, especially if you are older. Many older women tend to wonder if there is still a possibility of carrying a child.

While you are still able to become pregnant, you must be knowledgeable about the risks and symptoms that may come your way because of your age.

So read on as I show you about the risks of pregnancy in aged women.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Pregnancy for Aged Women?

Pregnancy is an amazing journey that comes with the usual set of symptoms, though there is more of a risk for older women, sometimes even fatal.

But how come this happens?

This is because of the heightened risks older women have against certain conditions and diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Here are the specific risks older women may experience when pregnant:

  • You have a heightened risk of gestational diabetes, which increases a risk of premature birth, complications after delivery, or high blood pressure.
  • You may have a premature birth and deliver a very lightweight baby. And premature babies often have medical problems. There is also more of a risk of chromosome abnormalities.
  • You are more likely to need a C-section, as you are more at risk or pregnancy-related complications. The risk of miscarriage is higher as well.

Besides these risks, there is also a lessened chance of conception. This is because your fertility begins to decrease at the age of 32, the decrease becoming more rapid after you hit 37 years old.

Women start to become less fertile the older they get as they start life with only a limited number of eggs in the ovaries.

As they grow older, the number decreases. Furthermore, eggs won’t be fertilized as easily in older women compared to their younger counterparts. So not only there are risks associated with pregnancy for older women, but it may also be more difficult to conceive, especially if both you and your partner are older than 40 years old.

Pregnancy At An Older Age

If you are pregnant and older than 40 years, old, then there is still hope that your baby will come out healthy and energetic. Here are some things to follow to ensure a safe pregnancy:

  • Always take good care of yourself. It’s important to have a healthy diet and get regular exercise, like walking or low-impact workouts. Quit any vices such as smoking or drinking immediately.
  • If you are obese or overweight, then it’s time to start creating a healthy meal plan that helps you lose weight gradually.
  • Take folic acid and B vitamins to help with your baby’s overall health and to reduce the risk of a neural tube defect upon delivery.
  • Practice proper sleeping habits and always get enough rest. Avoid any stressors that may harm you and your baby.
  • Visit your health care professional regularly for them to monitor the movement and status of your pregnancy. If you ever feel discomfort or pain, then seek help immediately to find the cause to ensure that you and your baby are safe. your medical team will be able to manage any problems if they do arise.
  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, then consult your doctor to properly manage it while pregnant to avoid any complications during the pregnancy and delivery.

Wrapping It Up

While older women should be careful when carrying a baby, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do so. As long as you are aware of the risks and you keep up a healthy lifestyle, then there’s not much to worry about. Working with your medical team throughout the whole pregnancy is a huge help as well.

I hope that this article on the risks of pregnancy for aged women helped you become more knowledgeable about the things that may happen while you are carrying your child.

So whether you plan on conceiving or already on the way, then check with your doctor for more information on pregnancy at an older age.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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