4 Health and Safety Tips for Sports Parents

What dad isn’t happy to learn that their kid wants to participate in sports? Not only is it a great way for you guys to bond, it also provides an opportunity for your child to develop new skills, meet new people, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now that you’re a sports dad, you’ll need to be an integral part of their support system. For your kids to be the best athletes they can, you’ll need to make sure that they are healthy both physically and mentally. Check out these health tips below.

 Visit the Doctor

Just like pro athletes are required to get physicals and see doctors to ensure they’re fit for the game, you’ll want to make sure that your child is in the best health possible. Something as simple as an annual physical, can ensure that your child is growing at the right height and weight for their age, and more importantly that they’re healthy enough inside and out to withstand the demand of playing sports.

The doctor is also the one you turn to when there are signs of trouble. For instance, if your child is under developing physically, your doctor might provide insight around potential growth supplements and discuss facts about hgh for children to improve their growth and development. Before your child enrolls in a sport, whether required by the school or not, be sure they’ve been fully checked to ensure their health and safety.

Make Sure They Eat Right

Your little one will be very active during practices and games, and requires the right type of fuel to ensure they can withstand the increase in activity. Now, more than ever, it will be necessary to feed them foods packed with vitamins and nutrients they’ll need such as protein, carbs, and vitamin c. Not only should your kid be eating three meals per day, but they should also have healthy snacks in between. This includes game day. Instead of fueling them up on sports drinks and junk food, make sure they’re drinking plenty of water. Snack ideas might include fresh fruit, raw veggies and dip, cereal or granola bars, or perhaps some yogurt.

Focus on the Fun of It

Every parent wants their kids to win, but when you get caught up in wins or losses, it takes the fun out of the sport for your child. As no team wins all the time, it is best to just focus on the positive moments and encourage them to work harder to win the next time. “Good job! You’re getting better on the field” goes a long way in the mind of a child who really wanted a win.

The same goes for wins! You want to teach good sportsmanship and the best way to do that is to celebrate the win, but not so aggressively that the other team feels bad. Remind your child to shake the hand of the other team and compliment their efforts.

Safety First

Whether practicing at home, at school or playing on game day it is important to keep safety first. Make sure that your child is wearing safety gear appropriately and at all times. Stress the importance of paying attention and following the rules of the game to ensure no one gets hurt. It is important that your children know that although they’re having fun playing the sport, the truth is it can be dangerous if they’re not careful and alert.

Being a sports dad is a very rewarding experience. It is a great way to connect with your child on a different level. It also helps them to develop new skills and stay active. To ensure that your kid can provide the best performance on game day, it is important to make sure you’re committed to their overall health. Make sure they’re keeping up with doctor’s appointments, eating well-balanced meals and snacks, and of course wearing the correct gear for protection. Most importantly, make sure to keep the fun of the sport at the forefront of your mind so that it doesn’t become too stressful for you or your kids.

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Being the Best Parents for Your Children Means Supporting Your Spouse

Every new, expectant, and experienced parent only wants what’s best for their children. In order to accomplish this goal, the parents must be willing to work together. This means learning how to be an effective team, to support each other through the ups and downs of raising children (and life in general), and how to encourage each other to be the very best versions of yourself. Essentially, if you want your children to have a solid foundation in life, you must learn how to create a healthy and uplifting relationship for your kids to model after.

Words of Encouragement

Whether life is pretty good or you’re presently going through a personal struggle, your words can be instrumental in showing love and support to your spouse. Statements like, “I believe in you”, “You inspire me”, and “I’m proud of you can be all it takes to encourage your spouse to be the best they can every day. They can also be the very words that help to get them out of a rut like addiction, mental illness, or the loss of a loved one.

Support Through Action

Words are great and can be just the boost your partner needs to accomplish their life goals. However, that is not the only form of support you should be showing your spouse. They also need to see your support in the form of action. If your significant other has a dream business idea, for instance, you can take action by giving them money to invest in it, pitching in with household chores while they dedicate extra hours to that dream, or offering your skills and experience to help push their idea forward. The same type of supportive action can be shown by learning more about a drug rehab in Colorado, whether an inpatient or outpatient program (or whichever location is most convenient), and providing this advice to a spouse who is struggling with addiction.


Here’s one supportive measure that many adults overlook when they’ve been together for years – self-care. Your appearance, physical, and mental health are all part of encouraging your spouse to do better daily. Remember, you are a team when one team member takes the time to care for themselves, they’re saying to their spouse that the relationship is worth being happy and healthy. Keep a clean appearance, eat right, get sleep, have a healthy social life, and stay on top of your physical and emotional well-being. When your partner sees you at your best, they will be pushed to want to emulate that in themselves.

Carry Your Own Baggage

Many adults have gone through complicated life experiences that have altered or hindered their ability to properly love or be in a healthy relationship. They carry this “emotional baggage” around with them and unknowingly toss it to their partner to hold (along with their own baggage). After a while, the weight of all the baggage leads your spouse to feel resentment or overwhelmed, reducing the amount of time and energy they have to focus on improving themselves.

Though your spouse is your helpmate, your past experiences and the emotional scarring that came from it, are yours and yours alone to carry. Deal with your past and the issues you’ve carried with you and learn how to cope with those emotions and experiences in a positive way. Seeing you emotionally healthy and actively working towards your personal problems will encourage your spouse to want to do the same.

You and your spouse are your children’s first examples of who they are supposed to be as adults, and how they should navigate life. You can’t expect them to accomplish this if you aren’t working together as a unit to show them. Have a talk with your spouse and discuss the importance of supporting, encouraging, and motivating each other to be the best versions of yourselves and how this process will strengthen your family.

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Getting Back in Shape after Second Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and there is something particularly charming about the round belly and chubby cheeks. Once the child is born, the only chubby cheeks and the round belly should be those of the baby. If you want to make sure that this applies to you, there are a couple of things you need to pay attention to.

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Pre-labor diet

You can set up the grounds for an effective weight-loss process while you are still pregnant. The rule number one is obviously to stay within the recommended 35lbs. When this is the case, most of the fat comes off with the baby.

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No matter what your mother in law says, you are not eating for two. You should not worry about the amount, but the quality of food you take in. Make sure your diet is versatile and includes a lot of vitamins and healthy nutrients. Speaking of vitamins, do not overeat on fruit, it contains a lot of sugar. Avoid sweets for the same reason.


Pre-labor exercise routine

Unless you are experiencing difficulties, which entail strict bedrest, you should stay active throughout your pregnancy. This will help you gain less weight and stay in good physical shape. Also, most fit moms have better control of their body and easier labor. When selecting the type of activity, be aware of the restraints imposed by your condition and do not exert yourself.

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Exercise 30 mins a day, 4-5 days of the week by engaging in activities such as walking, brisk walking, light resistance training, swimming, stationary cycling, as well as Pilates and yoga designed for pregnancy. Your muscles are more likely to remember where they used to be if you keep on exercising.



Did you know that a percentage of the fat you store during pregnancy is created as an energy supply for your baby after it is born? Nursing your baby is one of the best things you can do for both of you. By drinking breast milk, the baby will get a balanced diet and protection from bacteria and viruses. What you will get from it, apart from the bonding experience, is a natural way of losing weight.

It is estimated that breastfeeding uses up 500 calories a day, which is about one-quarter of your daily intake and exactly how much you need to lose in order to drop a pound each week. Anyone who has ever had a chance to breastfeed will tell you that it drains the energy out of you. You will instantly feel sleepy and have a gaping hole in your stomach. Resist to fill the hole every time and maintain your regular meals plan.


Wear a girdle

The actual physical effects that wearing a girdle has on weight loss are still a matter of debate. However, the thing a girdle can do for you is keep everything tucked in, which could if nothing else, make you feel better and more confident. It will help drain the excess water. Also, it is very tight, so you will be able to eat less. Unrelated to weight loss, it can help maintain posture and reduce back pain. Some people swear it did help them, some doctors say it doesn’t make sense… It is definitely worth trying, at least for the sake of eating less and feeling more confident which is a good place to start.


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Exercising regularly after the labor is even more important than it is during the pregnancy. They key is in maintaining a routine and not allowing yourself to be inactive. With two kids around, it may be very difficult to find the time, however, it is crucial that you do. Use naps and playtime to be active. Ask your partner to jump in and cover for you for an hour.

Alternatively, squeeze in 30 mins of strength training or look up short easy-to-do exercise routines fit for busy schedules. Also, do not forget that your kids need fresh air so take them out for a walk every day, it will be good for all three of you. This is only a problem with winter newborns in areas with extreme weather conditions.

Eat well

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Instead of simply counting calories, watch what you eat. Take a lot of fresh green vegetables with each meal. Combine them with lean protein. Make a protein powder shake when you need a quick meal. Avoid carbs found in white flour and sugar. Take natural sugar through fruit rich in fiber instead of eating a candy bar. Watch the quantities, the vegetables are meant to fill you up during the meal, and the protein will keep you full for a long period of time. Drink a lot of water and take fish oil pills to speed up your metabolism.


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