Footwear, Friendship, and Dairy-Free Sweets

Thanks to Jambu for providing the shoes featured in this post.


It was a brutally hot day. As I took the elevator up to the seventh floor, I shook with anticipation. I’d just landed my first internship with a major publication. As the elevator doors opened, I was greeted by a staff member who showed me around. I toured the office and placed my briefcase (my mom said I needed to look professional) on what would be my desk for the next three months.

Next to it sat the bubbly, energetic, passionate (and sometimes red-pen happy) editorial assistant who would be my mentor for the summer. While intimidated at first, it only took us a few weeks before we hit it off and formed a friendship that is now 9 years in the making.

Tori (T as I call her) and I have the kind of friendship where we can go weeks without seeing each other and pick up right where we left off. We live on opposite ends of the world (east vs. west side and in our town it’s like two different countries), but we make it a priority to meet up at least once a month, although preferably more, to converse over dairy-free cuisine and multiple glasses of chardonnay.

Tremont Scoops

Vegan Ice Cream

To kick off the summer, we stopped by Tremont Scoops for an ice cream appetizer before heading to dinner (that’s how we roll). This place is one of my favorite ice cream shops for two reasons – vegan brownies and vegan whipped cream.

Life is too short to skip dessert

T and I weren’t always in the market for dairy-free food, but our recent dietary restrictions as we’ve aged into our, gasp, 30s have given us a new bond along with a challenge to find delicious, decadent dairy-free options (and gluten free for her).


I of course ordered my usual, a vegan brownie sundae (that costs as much as an entrée) and T ordered a scoop topped with peanut butter and pecans.


After our appetizers, we walked over to a local Thai restaurant (if you too have dairy and/or gluten restrictions, Thai food has some great options) in our comfortable women’s wedges from Jambu.



It’s rare to find a pair of summer shoes that are comfortable enough to stay on your feet for multiple blocks without having to pull out the reserve flip flops from your tote. And these wedges are totally suitable for the office or for dessert then dinner with a friend.


Even rarer than a pair of shoes you want to put on every day is a friend who’s been at your side to watch you grow – into a business professional, a wife, a mom. People come in and out of our lives, so to be as close today with someone I met nearly a decade ago doesn’t happen often and is something I truly cherish. As we grow up, we often grow apart. But the friends who stand by your side, and you stand right there hugging them back, are pure, rare gems. That’s T.


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What we wore: on T (grey lace top, black leggings and Jambu Sugar wedges) // on Ashley (cold shoulder top, [AD] navy lace shorts and Jambu Brookline wedges)


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