Desserts Delivered to Your Doorstep

I partnered with Doorstep Desserts for this sponsored post.

Doorstep Desserts Delivery Service - Spit Up is the New Black

As a working mom, I sometimes struggle with ways to balance my workload and time spent with my kids. Developing traditions and finding ways to share experiences together is how I focus in on making up for the time lost at the office.

One way to have fun together is to bake. I’m not shy about my inability to cook, but I do have some wicked baking skills. I’ve measured, whisked, and frosted my fair share of cakes, and baking is one of my favorite ways to bond with my daughter (and she doesn’t mind all the taste testing!).

Doorstep Desserts Little Helper - Spit Up is the New Black

But committing hours to whipping up the perfect cake balls just isn’t’ feasible at times, especially when we have limited time together between dinner and bedtime. That’s why I was drawn to the subscription delivery service Doorstep Desserts. This service is amazing. It’s perfect when you have limited time, but want to make something “homemade,” or when your daughter tells you that her class is having treats on Wednesday and it’s her mom’s turn to bring them in.

We tested out the service biweekly for 4 weeks. A week before each delivery, I received an email with 2 options to choose from. Here is what I selected to receive and what we “baked” together:

First Delivery: Red Velvet Truffles

Doorstep Desserts Red Velvet Ingredients - Spit Up is the New Black

These were super easy to assemble. I received two small cakes (already baked), donut icing and buttercream icing. It took my daughter and I just a few minutes to turn these cakes into Red Velvet Truffles (I also learned that truffles really aren’t as scary as I thought they were to make!).

Doorstep Desserts Red Velvet Truffles - Spit Up is the New Black

Second Delivery: Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Doorstep Desserts Ingredients - Spit Up is the New Black

The second shipment arrived in a similar manner as the first – two cakes and two containers. This kit instructed me to make two cakes, but rather I used each cake as one layer and assembled them atop each other. I used a bread knife to level the cakes for the layers.

Doorstep Desserts Chocolate Cake - Spit Up is the New Black

I wedged the strawberry filling between the two layers, then slowly poured the fudge on the top layer. Hello decadent.

Doorstep Desserts Chcolate Strawberry - Spit Up is the New Black

Third Delivery – Éclair Cake

Doorstep Desserts Eclair Cake Ingredients - Spit Up is the New Black

By now, I realized that every shipment has two cakes and two containers. This time I followed the instructions and make two separate cakes, which turned into two Mother’s Day gifts.

Doorstep Desserts Chocolate Elcair Ingredients - Spit Up is the New Black

Doorstep Desserts Chocolate Elcair - Spit Up is the New Black

Most of the shipments I couldn’t personally enjoy since they had dairy, but the eclair filling and chocolate fudge that came in this shipment was dairy-free! I didn’t need the cake. I licked those spoons like nobody’s business.

Fourth Delivery: Carrot Cake Truffles

Doorstep Desserts Carrot Cake Ball Ingredients - Spit Up is the New Black

I made this dessert with my cousin when she visited. As a carrot cake lover, I needed her to let me know if this was legit. We mashed up the cakes, stirred in the cream cheese filling, rolled them into cake balls and dipped them in the graham crunchies. Legit? Oh yeah.

Doorstep Desserts Carrot Cake Balls - Spit Up is the New Black

75% Off Doorstep Desserts!

Doorstep Desserts is confident that you’ll love this service as much as I do that they are offering my readers 75% off your first kit (yes, you read that correct!) with code BLACK at checkout. The regular price is $15 per kit, so this knocks it down to $3.75 with free shipping. How can you not?

Just keep in mind that it’s a subscription, so if you don’t want it to auto-renew/ship again on the schedule you selected (weekly, biweekly, or monthly), be sure to cancel before the next shipment is due to process. You can also opt to skip a delivery. Kits ship out on Mondays, so order by Sunday at midnight to get your first kit this week!

Desserts Delivered to Your Door

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