Children’s Clothing for Special Occasions


As a parent, you probably enjoy seeing your toddler decked out in a new outfit, but for many children, dressing up is a serious business. Preparing them for an outdoor event, like a garden party can feel a bit tricky. While you may be consumed with visions of them showing off ruffled dresses and full tuxedos, chances are they have something entirely different in mind. The last thing you want is to be so concerned about your child’s attire that that you miss the ultimate objective, which is an enjoyable experience for your toddler and yourself.

Choosing the Right Colors

Spring colors are in, which means you get to have fun arranging bright, vibrant ensembles for your little girl. As long as the sun is glowing, any variation of pink or blue will make her party dress stand out. For boys, dark colored pants are always in season, but don’t be afraid to have fun and mix things up. Not only will earth tones, like khaki and gray give your toddler a sophisticated and absolutely irresistible charm, but they also blend well with light and dark colors.

Finding the Perfect Look

Every male toddler looks adorable in a cardigan or 3-piece suite, but before you toss them into your shopping cart, remember some of the party activities may call for at least moderate exercise. He’ll look just as handsome in suspenders and cotton pants, or even a vest that can be easily taken off. Ensuring he is comfortable enough to have a good time is the most important thing to remember.

A sundress is a perfect choice for a spring or summer outdoor event, but you have a number of options when deciding on a style for your toddler’s dress. Dresses made of light materials are ideal for spending the afternoon outdoors. You’re not looking for long and flowy, although she probably mentioned becoming a princess once or twice. Simplicity is usually your best option. Flowers or colorful patterns are especially trendy for spring and generally go over well with young girls.

Where to Shop

Department stores are great places to hunt for bargains, but if you have particular brands or styles in mind, or you’r hoping for more variety, shopping online offers a much wider selection as long as you start looking well in advance. Specialty Children’s stores can be a little on the pricey side, although the selections are a bit broader. Since your toddler will likely outgrow his or her new outfit within a year, don’t expect to get more a few uses out of it. Shopping around for for the best deals is usually a good idea.


When it comes to clothing, every child is different, and what feels comfortable to one may feel itchy or constricted to another. While some toddlers can’t wait to get home and peel away every garment of clothing except their undies, others are already learning to dress themselves. Experimenting with various styles and keeping a few options available for occasions, is a great way to start learning the dos and don’ts of shopping for your toddler. It will take some trial and error, and a tremendous amount of patience, but watching children learn about themselves can also be a fulfilling experience.


This guest post contribution is presented by One Small Child, a children’s event clothier specializing in christening gowns and baptismal gowns.

Image: Abigail BatchelderJuhan Sonin on Flicker

from Parenting Tips and Advice at Uplifting Families


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