20 Questions to Ask when Interviewing a Babysitter

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Babysitter questions - what to ask

He ran out of the bathroom completely naked after his bath and charged right into his sister’s room. She pouted and whined that he was in her room. “Mooooooooom!” At that very moment, he looked at her, then looked at me, then peed on her bedroom floor.

Sometimes you just need a night out. No kids, just you.

But even for the casual, once in a while, need a night out childcare, finding a sitter can be tedious, and honestly a scary process. Even if it’s just for a few hours, you’re still leaving your kids with someone other than you and an interview/meet up is necessary.

When we interviewed our now “regular” babysitter, we asked her some pretty comprehensive questions. She came over for an in-person chat to meet both us and the kids. Here are a few of the questions we asked the babysitter.

20 Questions to ask a potential babysitter

20 Questions to Ask when Interviewing a Babysitter

1. What age children have you previously cared for? This will give you an idea of whether she is qualified to take care of someone your child’s age and give you more insight into her experience.

2. How have you handled crying or temper tantrums in the past? This opens up the discussion how you expect her to handle tantrums or crying with your children.

3. How many families are you currently working for? Does she have prior commitments on any particular days? If you’re looking to find a sitter to come over every Saturday night, and she has prior commitments on Saturdays, you may need to broaden your search.

4. What was your scariest babysitting moment and how did you handle it? Knowing how she acted in an emergency situation will give you a better idea of how she reacts under pressure and what she would do if a similar situation arose in the future.

5. Are you CPR certified, and if so, have you ever performed CPR? A common and necessary question for any babysitter.

6. How were you disciplined as a child? You may think, what does this have anything to do with my kids? Her answer will shed light into her values and how she views discipline.

7. Do you use social media? Another curve ball, but you’ll want to open the discussion up for social media if posting pictures of your kids to her social media accounts is off limits.

8. Are you comfortable cooking while watching the kids? How does she multitask? Do you need to plan for alternative meal options if she’s watching your children during dinnertime?

9. What would do if someone knocked on the door that you weren’t expecting? Her answer will not only let you know what she would do in this situation, but will also open the discussion for you to tell her what you’d expect her to do in this situation. You can also discuss the topic of guests (off limits or okay?) and deliveries (pizza, yes or no?).

10. Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime? An awkward, yet necessary question if you’re leaving your children alone with this person.

11. Is it okay if we run later than expected? Is she flexible, or will you feel rushed if she’s only available until 10pm and not a second later?

12. What would you do with the kids on a day like today? This will give you an idea of her creativity and how she plans on spending time with your children. Is she hands-off or an arts and crafts maven?

13. Who was your favorite family to care for? Why did this particular family leave an imprint? How did she connect with those children?

14. What do you like to do for fun? Her answer will give her a chance to talk about something that she is passionate about and you can learn more about who she is outside of work.

15. What do you plan on doing after bedtime? Bedtime can be a challenge for some kids, so if she plans to let your kids cry-it-out so she can log onto Facebook, you’ll want to set expectations from the get-go.

16. What would you do if you got locked out of my house without your keys or phone and my kids were inside? A situational question to give you an idea of what to expect if this were to actually happen.

17. Who would you call first if there was an emergency? This is probably one of the most critical questions to ask. What does she constitute an emergency and when would she call 911? When would she call you?

18. Do you have any dietary restrictions or health problems we should know about? The last thing you want is your caretaker getting sick when she’s alone with your children.

19. What are your rates? From what I hear, depending on your location, the amount of children and age of the babysitter, the range is $10 – $17/hour.

20. Are you open to a 1-hour trial run? Only ask this if you’re legitimately interested in hiring her. We did this with our now “regular” sitter. It gave the kids a chance to get to know her and it gave her an opportunity to address any concerns before spending a full shift with them.

Babysitter Interview Tips


What Next?

The interview went well and you’re so excited that you feel like hiring her on the spot. Hang tight. Just as you wouldn’t buy a car seat before researching it online and reading reviews from other moms and dads, you’ll want firsthand feedback regarding a potential caretaker who will look after your children in your absence. Always ask for references. 

When chatting with her references, ask about her strengths, weaknesses, and dependability. If she’s no longer sitting for them, ask them why? Additionally, what are some things they found bothersome? Their answer will give you a better idea of her nuances.


So maybe our interview was a little too comprehensive, like the beginning of this hilarious video from LUVs, but as long as you find a balance, and someone you are comfortable leaving your kids with, that’s all that matters. Trust your gut. Moms have that instinct.

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