First Day of Preschool Snack Idea

I partnered with Stonyfield Organics, Justin’s and PackIt, who provided the products featured in this post. This post contains affiliate links.

Toddler Preschool Snack Idea

It feels like just yesterday we were saying goodbye to the school year, yet here we are. Next week we’ll be saying hello to a new teacher, new classroom, new “grade” (Pre-K counts, right?), and new friends.

At the start of last school year, I really didn’t know what to expect. We spent 3 hours at Old Navy trying to pick the perfect first day of school outfit (only to wear something already in her closet), the backpack we used didn’t even fit a folder, and there were a few days at the beginning of the school year that I forgot to send her off with a drink.

This year, I feel a little more seasoned. We spent less than 3 hours finding a first day of school outfit, which she better wear, a backpack that was small enough for her back, yet big enough for a folder, and a lunchbox with built-in ice pack that keeps her snack (and drink – I promise not to forget it this year) cold.

Pre-K is in the AM only, so a full lunch isn’t needed, but snack time is a big deal. It’s important to re-energize her in the middle of the morning so she can concentrate for the remainder of the school day. We headed to the grocery store earlier this week to stock up on back to school snacks including Stonyfield Organics YoKids Squeezers and Justin’s peanut butter and almond butter pouches (there are no nut allergies in her class this year – always ask before bringing nuts to school).

Stonyfield Justins PackIt

Her little bro couldn’t help himself and sneaked a Squeezer.

Little Bro Stonyfield Snack

Pre-K Orientation is tomorrow and the school year starts on Tuesday. It’s all happening too quickly. At least I have another full year before Little Man starts preschool!

First Day of Preschool Snack Idea

save for later

Preschool Snack Idea - Yogurt and PB!

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