Winter Fabric Flower Crafts

Creating gorgeous fabric flowers can be an easy project for just about anyone. Often, they can be made with little to no cost. The method you use can be an adventure in sewing or a project for glue. Whichever you choose will produce fabulous, long-lasting blooms for headbands, purses, scarves, table centerpieces, barrettes, pillows and many more fabulous works of art.


An attractive and easy-to-make fabric flower is the French pouf. You can create many different variations of this flower by using different fabrics such as felt like the one pictured, different colors, chiffon, tulle or any fabric scraps. You can also vary the size since they can be made in large, medium, small and x-small sizes.

  1. Begin by cutting out five to ten flowers or more of your fabric. The number of flower shapes you will need is dependent on the thickness of your fabric. You can find templates of the various sizes of flowers at –
  2. Fold each fabric flower cutout in half.
  3. Cut out a small fabric circle. Place a dot of hot glue in the center of the circle. Arrange two folded flower cutouts opposite each other on the small fabric circle with the flower fold touching the glue. Be careful not to touch the glue yourself; it will burn.
  4. Turn the base of the flower one-quarter and repeat step three putting the dot of glue on the top of the two folded cutouts at the center. Continue doing step three until all the halves are layered. You now have a beautiful French pouf flower. If you wish, you can add a button to the center at the top using the hot glue.

Headband with French Pouf Flower


Materials needed: French pouf fabric flower made following directions above, elastic or plastic headband which can be purchased at most craft stores, ½ yard of matching fabric, scissors and hot glue and glue gun.

  1. If you are using a plastic headband and its color doesn’t match the flower, begin by cutting a matching color of fabric strip. Hot glue the fabric strip around the headband. If you’ using an elastic strip, you begin by measuring the elastic strip and cut the length according to the following:
  • 6 month old baby — 10 inches
  • 9 to 12 months old — 12 inches
  • 12 to 18 months old — 13 inches
  • Toddler — 14 inches

Hot glue the French pouf fabric flower or flowers onto the headband. You now have a gorgeous headband for a toddler or baby.

Quick and Easy Felt Poinsettias


Supplies: poinsettia flower pattern (below), felt or heavy fabric, scissors, hot glue and glue gun, clothespins, and buttons

These fabric poinsettia will be a lovely decoration during the holidays. They can be made in white, red or an appropriate designed fabric. They will be beautiful holiday decorations as Christmas ornaments, on ribbons used as napkin rings, gift decorations, wreath decorations, a little girl’s hair clip, a girl’s headband and more.

  1. Begin by enlarging the template below to the size you desire. Cut one large flower and five petals of the fabric or felt for each flower you plan on making.



  1. Gather the base of each petal and hold gather with a clothespin. Put a hot glue dot at the base of each petal to hold the gather together while drying. Be care not to get the hot glue on your skin. It will burn.
  1. When the five petals are totally dry, put a large dot of hot glue on the flower cut-out at its center. Put each of the five petals on top of the flower cut-out positioning them so they lie between two petals of the flower cut-out.
  1. Either hot glue or sew a button on the top of the flower at the center. You might choose a pearl and/or rhinestone button for a more formal look or a plain gold or silver button for a more casual look. Several small beads can be glued at the center instead of a button for a different look.

Bio –

This article contribution was made by The Ribbon Retreat, specializing in ribbon and crafting items such as bows, lace, alligator clips and more for your latest crafting project.

Image: Pixabay

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