7 Fun Activities That Families Can Do Together In The Weekends

Happy family having fun in summer park

Happy family having fun in summer park

With parents always at work or off to do some adult responsibilities and their children at school or taking much needed naps and health appointments, it’s hard to find time to do some actual fun family bonding. And no, watching TV with the whole family on a Friday night doesn’t count. Fortunately, weekends open up the opportunity to bond with the family. Clear your schedules and ready the family mobile as we give you seven fun activities you can enjoy together this upcoming weekend.

Bike Ride

Whether you’re living in the city or countryside, a family bike ride can be both fun and affordable. In fact, thanks to introduction of bike sharing programs, the most popular of which is Citi Bike, this classic family activity has become more accessible. You no longer need to buy bikes for each family member. Instead, you simply rent a bike for a period of time through one of the many bike sharing stations scattered across your city/state. Be careful, however, as leisure and competitive biking can be a safety hazard. Plan out your route in advance, wear the necessary safety gear, and stay hydrated on the road.


Gardening is another simple and affordable family bonding activity you can do during the weekends. It has the twofold advantage of breaking off a healthy sweat while also improving your property’s aesthetics and value. To do this right, you’ll need the right equipment. You can’t just start pulling out grub and trimming down hedges. The right trimmer is a stalwart companion for such activity. Traditional string trimmers are robust and proven, but they tend to be difficult to carry and operate. Fortunately, power tool companies have created more convenient wheeled string trimmers that you can operate from behind.


Call it unoriginal and dull, picnics remain a timeless family bonding activity. It extends into many more possible activities including making sunflowers and other fun Origami shapes with art paper, collecting leaves and rocks, spotting different species of birds and plant life, and so on. Not only are family picnics fun, but they can be educational for your children as well. Your cost is also fractional since you only really need to bring the food you would’ve otherwise consumed at home. Days before your intended picnic date, be sure to scout for possible areas that have less foot traffic and congestion.

Boxing and Sparring

Even at the early age of 4, your children can get trained to box and spar at the local gym. It’s not only a physically intense exercise that whips your family into shape, but it’s also a great way for the adults to de-stress after a long, stressful work week. Punching dummies are an effective way to improve your range of motions and increase punching accuracy. Boxing and sparring with a punching dummy, for example, is also great for instilling fundamental boxing techniques as well as other martial arts techniques you may be interested in learning and mastering. The cost of gym membership is relatively higher than the first examples aforementioned. However, you can get away with discounted prices if you join as a family.

Wine Tasting

Obviously, you’d want to make sure your children are old enough before you bring them to a wine tasting room or a vintage at the countryside. Wine tasting is a classy activity that’s also fun if you enjoy these heart-healthy beverages. You’ll be able to taste a dozen or so different flavors and walk through the stories of the grape growers and wine makers as they distill the ingredients into the perfect drink. When tasting wine, it’s important to know the proper etiquette in order to avoid diminishing the wine’s taste. For instance, investing in a good wine fridge is worthwhile if you are a serious wine collector or just enjoys a drink every now and then.

Watching Ball Games

You don’t have to travel with the team across the country or even have expensive season tickets to enjoy a ball game with your family. The weekends are a perfect time to just sit in the shade while watching your favorite sports and teams competing. Minor League baseball games and local swim meets are perfect for athletic families and those who enjoy competition at a professional level. Perhaps your only costs will be the iconic hotdog on buns and some soft drinks for snacks.


The weekend activities your family participates in will vary depending on several factors including accessibility, cost, and preference. Some areas are just built to accommodate the outdoorsy family type while others lean more towards indoors entertainment. Make sure to have a clean vote amongst family members to ensure that everyone is up for the activity. Last but not least, prepare thoroughly to ensure safety during the planned activities. Nothing ruins a supposedly fun weekend than an injury or accident.

from Parenting Tips and Advice at Uplifting Families http://ift.tt/2ev4RbB


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