Project Nursery: When a Company Goes Above & Beyond

This post was written by my friend who just gave birth to her first child. I wanted to share this story on her behalf. This post contains affiliate links.

Like many other soon-to-be first time moms, I have spent a significant amount of my time over the last several months researching the “best of the best” products for my little girl. Because video monitors can be one of the pricier items, I was determined to find one that checked all the boxes and was actually enjoyable to use.

Having registries on both and BuyBuyBaby, I spend the bulk of my time on these two sites. I couldn’t help but notice in my research that a video monitor made by a brand named Project Nursery (which I had never heard of) had, by far, the best ratings. Skeptical of how great the reviews were, I began reading through them and noticed something odd – the exact same reviews existed on both and, but written by different users.


What on earth was happening here? Was this company trying to pull a fast one by fabricating reviews to make their product look great? It must have been a bad day for me, because I immediately contacted the company demanding an answer. How could a company that produces BABY products do such a thing?

To my surprise, the CEO and founder of Project Nursery responded to my email almost immediately, asking if they could give me a call to discuss my concerns. I was interested in how they would try and explain this, so I accepted. I could not have been more impressed with the conversation we had later that day.

First, they were so appreciative of my note and the time I took to get in touch with them. They then proceeded to explain to me the product review process, and I must admit, I felt very silly not having figured this out myself. When a user leaves a review on a site like, they create their own username for each review. When leaving a review on, on the other hand, they might be logged into an Amazon Prime account that does not belong to them, therefore making it look like the review is being written by someone else (i.e. when I use Amazon Prime, it’s actually under my husband’s name). So – if one was to copy and paste a review across multiple sites, it could actually look like it’s coming from different users. Who knew?? I sure didn’t.

I felt very silly about it, but the folks that had called me from Project Nursery could not have been any kinder. I quickly realized that these people are SO unbelievably passionate about their brand and products, it’s incredible. They very clearly have a love for developing innovative, high quality products for children that stems from the love they have for their own children. I am so happy to be able to say that there are still people and brands out there that have a genuine love for what they do and the customers they serve. I later spent more time researching the company and found they have far more than just awesome products to offer – inspiration, ideas, articles, and so much more. I could not be more impressed!

As a thank you for the time I had spent contacting them and speaking with them, the amazing folks at Project Nursery sent me the 5″ HD Video Monitor with Mini Monitor. After receiving the monitor, I fell in love with it. To begin with, it came in an absolutely stunning box (which I will obviously be saving for storage purposes) and instructions that were simple and straightforward. I had it up and running in no time and spent the next hour playing around with it.

Project Nursery Monitor

The features and functionality of the monitor are extremely well thought out, and FAR more than what you would expect from a standard monitor. The usability of the monitor and the clarity of the screen were on a completely different level than any other monitor I had experimented with. And, the fact that the same features are available on the included mini-monitor is just awesome. Every last detail was so carefully thought out. Even the music that can be played through the the monitor is tolerable – and dare I say, actually enjoyable!


It’s very clear that this product came from a company that took the time to not only understand the basic needs of a video monitor, but also incorporate details that would really make it a differentiated, special product that is truly delightful to use. I am so, so thankful I discovered this company, and I can’t wait to see  what amazing products and ideas Project Nursery will think of next!

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