Three Ways to Help Your Adult Son Start Off on the Right Foot into Adulthood


As your child ages, he will rely on you less and less over the years. However, it’s important to realize that your child will always need your advice and support no matter how old he gets. When your son decides that he wants to start a family of his own, it is essential that you are there to offer useful information that can help him avoid mistakes that you made when you were his age. Use the guide that follows for a few ways to help your son be as successful as he can be when starting his adult life.

Help Your Son Plan an Amazing Engagement

It is important to impress upon your son how essential it is to plan a great engagement for his girlfriend. It is a moment that she will remember for the rest of her life and every detail needs to be perfect. Let him know that it is important to make sure that he purchases a ring that she will enjoy wearing now and for years to come. He needs to consider if he should buy one of the white, colored, or black diamond engagement rings for her. Every woman has her own specific tastes when it comes to jewelry, and taking the time to choose the diamond that she will like best is important.

Be sure to impress upon him how important it is to establish a budget for the ring that he can afford. There are many young men who make the mistake of getting a very expensive ring, without considering the other costs they will have to pay in the near future. Many rings can be financed, if he does not have enough money saved up to purchase the ring with cash, which may open more options up for him.

Help Your Son Plan His Wedding

Once his girlfriend becomes his bride to be, wedding planning will start very quickly. Weddings can be very expensive and you do not want your son to still be paying for his wedding years after it has taken place. Impress upon him that a wedding is just for one day out of his whole life and that he and his future bride should save money where they can.

There are great online boutiques where both the bride and the groom can find their tux and dress for very affordable prices. There are often people who are selling the items second hand because their wedding fell through, they did not fit into the attire on their big day, or because they simply did not like the items for their wedding. The clothing will cost a fraction of what it would have cost if they bought it brand new off the racks.

Help Your Son Start the Home Buying Process

After they are married, your son and daughter-in-law will more than likely be ready to buy a home of their own. Help your son know what features to look for when buying a home. The price is important, but also the school system should be considered if he or she wants to have children in the future. The distance to and from their works should also be considered because they do not want to spend a majority of their life on the road. Take the time to talk to your son about what factors he is considering and give a few pointers about things you wish you had looked for when you were buying your first home.

You are a fountain of knowledge that can help your son avoid mistakes that you made when you were his age. Help him start off on the best foot that he possibly can. Be patient, kind, and supportive when discussing any of these things to ensure that he knows you are trying to help him, not just lecture him.

from Parenting Tips and Advice at Uplifting Families


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