6 Easy Christmas Ornaments


When the Christmas season arrives, it’s often filled with lights, trees, hot chocolate and cookies. You can spend time with your children by making easy Christmas ornaments that can be hung on the tree or on the wall to admire during the holiday season. Most ornaments can be made with things that are already in the home, such as construction paper or a bit of paint.

Crayon Ornaments

If you’re home is like most, then you have a few broken crayons around the house. Put small pieces of crayons inside one of the clear plastic ornaments that you can find at any craft store. Use colors that blend well together, such as red and blue or green and red. Using a hair dryer set on low heat, warm the exterior of the ornament until the crayons begin to melt. Swirl the melted crayons around the interior of the ornament to create pretty designs.

Cute As A Button

Stack green buttons of various sizes and shades, gluing them together so that they stay in place. Add a bit of glitter to look like ornaments and a yellow star on top. When you’re finished, it will look like a small tree. Glue four or five small brown buttons on the bottom to look like a tree trunk.

Reindeer With Clothespins

Paint clothespins with dark brown paint. Add googly eyes and a small red pom-pom for a nose. Attach alligator clips to the top of the pin for the antlers. If you want a larger ornament, then hot glue a clothespins together to create the body of a reindeer with legs.

Dough Ornaments

This is a fun ornament that you can make with children of any age. All you need is half a cup of salt, one cup of flour, a third of a cup of water and a teaspoon of oil. Combine all ingredients together until you have a dough that you can cut shapes from, such as trees, snowflakes and snowmen. Bake at 200 degrees overnight to remove the moisture. You can decorate with paint before or after they are baked.

Cookie Cutters

After cutting out your cookies from dough, you can use the cutters for ornaments. Place a piece of wrapping paper on the back of each ornament, cutting around the edge so that you see the design when looking through the cookie cutter. Attach a colorful ribbon that matches the colors on the paper before hanging on the tree.


Paint wooden spools green and red before adding a piece of paper that has a wish list. You can use fold over elastic as well so that you can create a long list that looks like a scroll on the spool. The list can be made with items that the child wants for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, you can leave a bit of glitter or a fingerprint to make it look like Santa really came by to leave the presents that are on the list instead of simply using it as an ornament.

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This guest post is courtesy of The Ribbon Retreat, featuring an assortment of ribbon types and sizes as well as ideas and supplies for your next holiday craft project!

from Parenting Tips and Advice at Uplifting Families http://ift.tt/2h0I2Nu


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