Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

This post about a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme birthday party features items from Oriental Trading Company, which I received at no cost.

Mickey Mouse Party - Table Decorations

I’m allllll about reusing and repurposing. When Little Man started showing interest in Mickey Mouse, I started having flashbacks to Bear’s 2nd birthday party – a Minnie Mouse theme. If you remember, I went through this whole to-do about how the theme HAD to be red Minnie, not pink Minnie, which was nearly impossible to find.

Well, all that searching paid off, because I was able to reuse a majority of the decorations from her 2nd birthday for Little Man’s 2nd birthday party – a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme.

I scored BIG for Bear’s Minnie party, buying a bundle of Minine/Mickey party items from another mom off a B/S/T Facebook group two years ago. She sold all the decorations from her twins’ birthday party to me for $10 – including handmade number “2” decorations with little mouse ears. At the time, I didn’t have a need for the Mickey decorations (just Minnie), but I kept them because, well, I hoard sometimes.

Boom. So glad I did.

From the “Hot Diggity Dog” banner to the red and white polka dot gift bags, those two years in storage paid off. I only had to add a handful of Mickey Mouse party decorations to the line-up – plates, napkins, buckets, and posters, which Oriental Trading Company so kindly sent me.

One way to save some money when throwing a kid’s birthday party is to hand out balloons as party favors. By connecting them to a balloon stick, you don’t need helium! They automatically stay upright when holding the stick – easy and fun for kids!

Little Man had a great time at his party. Our family joined the festivities and he even had a few little friends come over to celebrate. It was exciting to see him play with kids his own age and get so excited about all the Mickey decorations and, of course, presents.

Until next year…


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