Product of the Year Announces 2017 Winners

I received samples from Product of the Year to facilitate the following post.


Every February, Product of the Year announces its annual winners. I’ve been blessed in the past to receive the 2015 winning products (see 2015 POY winners), and this year I was asked again to check out the winning items.

So what is Product of the Year and how are these products deemed best of the best for 2017? Each year, innovative products are nominated and then placed into categories such as beauty, personal care, household essentials, food and beverages. They are then assessed on seven key measures. One product is the winner of each category, based on the results of 40,000 consumer survey results (that’s a lot of peeps!).


2017 Product of the Year Winners:

Food & Beverage

Personal Care

Home Products

While I may not have been one of the 40,000 folks surveyed, I too have my favorites of the above “best.”

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes are, and have been, my go-to product when spills, globs, and poor aims happen (while my son is now fully potty trained, we haven’t yet mastered the aim training – no further explanation needed).


I’ve always been brand loyal to Kleenex, especially when I’m sick and my nose becomes raw. I am so glad to see that Kleenex has expanded their product line and is now playing in the skin care aisle! I was recently at Sephora and was reprimanded by the sales gal for not exfoliating. “It’s skincare 101,” she said. Thanks for making me feel like a total beauty dud. When I opened the Product of the Year box and found the Kleenex Exfoliating Cushions, I ripped open the package right away. With just a little water, these cushions cleanse and exfoliate the face for a super smooth finish. Goodbye dead skin.

POY 2017 Wipes

I’ve freaked myself out about chemicals in deodorant and antiperspirant, so my deodorant is natural, organic, and pretty much ineffective. By mid-afternoon, I could use a pick-me-up. SweetSpot Labs Washes & Wipes are just that – perfect for the afternoon and easy to transport in individually wrapped travel packs.

Bear is OBSESSED with lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, anything that goes on the lips. What I hate, similar to the deodorant conundrum, is the chemicals lurking in these lip products. The Carmex Comfort Care™ Lip Balm eases my anxiety since it’s 100% natural.


While I can no longer eat dairy (recent lactose intolerance diagnoses), I remember sucking on Werther’s Original hard candies as a child with my grandma. Now they offer Werther’s Original Soft Caramels, which I’m sure is a treat my daughter will enjoy.

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