Household Tips for Keeping your Children Safe

The thought of what could happen to our kids while they’re outside is always on parent’s minds but in all reality where do we spend 90% of our time and how come we think so seldom about whether or not our house is safe?

This article is aimed at highlighting the possible dangerous areas in your home and some solutions to fixing them.

Hot Water

Burns from hot water are one of the most frequent accidents in the home. Children smell food or are just plain inquisitive and tend to grab things from the kitchen counters even though they cannot see them. This can easily end up being boiling water on the stove.

To prevent this from happening you could cook on the back burners, while ensuring the front ones are turned off. Make a habit of turning the pot handles away from the edge so as to disable sneaky hands to pull them down.

One of the main preventive measures you can take is to take the advice of PlumbingFix and find plumbers in your area to inspect and adjust the water heater to stop an accident before it can even start. A good plumber can guide you on any other preventive measures to take in regards to water such as mold, drowning in the tub, toilet seat locks for toddlers, and also swimming pool safety.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless gas and due to these attributes has been labeled the “silent killer”among many safety professionals. It is more of a hazard in older homes because of the older furnaces and appliances that might not burn gas properly or is not vented due appropriately in the house.

Due to its stealth characteristics the only way to monitor or know there is CO within the home is to have a CO detector that is working within the home. The detector needs to be placed either on the ceiling or walls close to where your bed so you can hear the alarm if you are sleeping.

Storm Shelter

Nowadays, weather calamities that happen almost daily cannot be ignored. Whether it be a tornado, hurricane, or severe thunderstorm bringing extreme winds and floods, we owe it to our families to be prepared for anything in regards to keeping them safe.

One of the best times to make a shelter is when you are remodelling the house or even after a major weather event that has given you the money or insight of how important it is to be prepared.

It is better to contact a company such as RestorationElite that has the experience in dealing with storm and water damage to understand what type of shelter that will be good for your home and maybe any help on problems that need to be fixed.

Therese tips are aimed at giving you some peace of mind in your already stress-filled life. By taking these precautionary steps, it will be a bit easier to spend quality time at home and not raising your children ‘in a bubble’.


from Parenting Tips and Advice at Uplifting Families


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