Bean and Meat Crockpot Enchilada

Let the slow cooker do the work for you with these lazy cook enchiladas. Simply layer beans, meat, tortillas, cheese, and sauce, for the simplest delicious Crockpot Enchilada. Enchiladas are a crowd-pleaser at our house. I have found a bajillion combinations of enchilada that my family fight over. (Go here and here for the delicious […]

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How Remineralizing Tooth Powder Cures Cavities

When you hear the word cavity, you likely think of having to take a trip to the dentist to have the hole in your tooth filled. While this is standard practice for preventing a cavity from becoming worse, there are other ways to protect your teeth from decay.

Flossing on a daily basis is important. So is brushing twice a day. But are you brushing your teeth with the most protective solution?

Chances are you aren’t. If you’re like most people, you use store-bought toothpaste to clean and polish your teeth. But, some of the ingredients in traditional toothpaste can actually harm your teeth by blocking the absorption of important minerals.

If you have a cavity or want to prevent them in the future, you’ll want to start using remineralizing tooth powder. Here’s what you need to know about this tooth-saving product.

What is Demineralization?

Everyone knows about tooth decay and bad breath, but what do you know about mineralization? Just like bones and other parts of your body, your teeth require certain minerals to maintain their strength. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus protect your teeth, keeping them strong and durable.

But, certain factors — such as what we eat and drink, along with what we brush our teeth with — can cause demineralization. Acids and foods with high sugar content can also cause demineralization. When this happens, your teeth are either blocked from absorbing important minerals or minerals are taken from your teeth.

As your teeth lose the minerals needed to protect and strengthen them, they become more vulnerable to dental decay, cavities, and other issues. The good news is that, despite what you’ve been told, cavities can be cured.

While curing cavities requires a dental care routine and dietary changes, these are much easier than a painful and expensive trip to the dentist.

Common Ingredients Harm the Teeth

When you buy toothpaste, you likely only care about whether or not the product gets rid of bacteria, keeps your breath fresh, and makes your smile whiter and brighter. While these are all important factors, what if your toothpaste was doing more harm than good for your smile?

Store-bought toothpaste is full of all sorts of harmful ingredients. Triclosan has been linked to endocrine disruption and fluoride is dangerous in young children. Other ingredients that are wreaking havoc on your teeth are glycerin and propylene glycol. Both of these ingredients are commonly used, yet they prevent your teeth from receiving the minerals they need.

Glycerin and propylene glycol create a layer on your teeth. While you may think this is a good thing as it adds a layer of protection, the layer actually keeps minerals from passing into your teeth. Without the necessary calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and other minerals, your teeth start to weaken. Weak teeth are more vulnerable to cavities.

Curing Cavities through Remineralization

By making the switch to a remineralizing tooth powder, cavities can be a problem of the past. You can prevent future cavities from developing AND cure existing cavities. The greatest benefit of a natural tooth powder is the ingredients that are used.

Tooth powders are made using natural clays that are highly mineralized dirt. Clays found in the earth are chock-full of calcium, zinc, silica, magnesium, phosphorus, and other critical minerals that keep your teeth happy and healthy. When you brush your teeth with clay, you’re able to boost remineralization, by exposing your teeth to minerals on a daily basis.

Using tooth powder can reverse the effects of a bad diet that’s left your teeth vulnerable and lacking minerals. In turn, your teeth will feel stronger, and you can all but ensure that you’ll never suffer from another cavity again.

Other Ways to Remineralize

Using a remineralizing tooth powder is the first step in improving your dental health and curing cavities. However, there are certain dietary changes you’ll want to make to ensure that you don’t counteract the remineralizing power of the tooth powder you choose.

A big change to make is to reduce if not eliminate sugar from your diet. Sugar demineralizes the teeth and allows bad oral bacteria to flourish. It’s also important to avoid foods that are high in phytic acid, which draws minerals out of the teeth.

Eating foods that are high in minerals will get the nutrients you need in contact with your teeth. These foods include leafy green vegetables, coconut oil, and bone broth. The combination of remineralizing tooth powder and high-mineral foods is a one-two punch to knocking out a cavity.


Cavities may be a common dental issue, but this doesn’t mean you have to struggle with them like everyone else. Make today the day you switch to remineralizing tooth powder to keep your teeth healthy, protected, and strong.

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How Flowers Can Help You Handle Stress In Natural Way


Modern life is full of stress, tension, and anxiety. If you believe my words, the main cause of people’s tension is that they have distanced themselves from nature. A busy life full of artificial things will always give birth to unwanted stress. That’s why people are now rapidly resorting to the nature.

Flowers are an important complemento of the nature. Generally, people use flowers to worship the god, in decoration, and welcome the VIP individuals. Did you ever think that different types of flowers can help you to reduce the stress level and lead a happy life? If not, here are some excellent activities and things associated with flowers that will help you to minimize the stress level greatly. Let’s go!

1. Plantation of Flower Plants

The plantation of different flower plants around your houses is one such activity which gives the ultimate joy and happiness. It not only keeps your surroundings full of beautiful aroma but also adds more beauty to your house. Depending on your liking, you can plant several flower trees, such as touch me not, jasmine, sunflower, rose, etc.

Flower plants also need proper care and attention. They will die if you just plant them and don’t take care of their needs. So, be a Gardener, plant several trees around your house or any land, water them regularly, and keep animals away.

2. Gift flowers To Your Spouse/ Partner 

There are many couples who hesitate to express their emotions, love, and feelings towards their opposite sex. If you are one of them, don’t get worried at all. Just pluck your favorite flower from the tree and give it to your partner. He/she will automatically understand it’s meaning without saying even a single word. There are many venders who provide pre-packed gifts made up of flowers for couples.

3. Take A Bath With Milk & Flowers

It is a nice idea to reduce the stress level and refresh yourself. Generally recommended for women, this helps them to remove dirt from the external layers of their skin, feel relaxed during the bathing time, and diffuse the stress completely. As a beauty conscious women, you should take such baths at least 4 times a month to keep your body neat & clean, get rid of dirt and be more appealing for the opposite sex.

4. You Can Eat Some Flowers

Sounds amazing! But, it’s true. You can eat some flowers and use them in daily cooking recipes, such as cauliflower, sunflower, etc. Meet a cook and get some knowledge about it. See how they use different flowers in cooking recipes. Try those tips yourself too to learn the art of cooking & enjoy delicious food easily.

5. Put Flowers on Your Hairs

In today’s social, personal, and professional life, it’s not sufficient to be intelligent but you also need to look attractive to catch the attention of people around you and impress them with your personality.

If you are a fashion-conscious lady, just put flowers in between your hairs. This will make you look more beautiful and you might become a topic of debates around it. When you start to get appreciation for your marvellous beauty, tension or stress goes away aromatically.

6. Always Appreciate The Blossom of New flowers

There are a good number of people, especially small kids and couples, that have a tendency to pluck small flowers when they are about to blossom. As a good human being, you should request them not to plunk small flowers. Instead, suggest them to use mature flowers. Believe my words, this will give you inner satisfaction and take your tensions away.

7. Regular Trimming of Flower Plants

Different flower plants grow with different pace. When their plants grow, they look ugly and unattractive. So, take scissors and trim their branches slightly at least once in 2 or 3 months. This will help flower plants to look more gorgeous and grow sharply.

8. Start Your Day With Flowers

Some people start their day with music, morning walk, playing outdoor games and sports, taking exercises, yoga, etc. As a flower lover, just start your day with flowers. Wake up early in the morning, go to the flower garden, irrigate plants, and protect them from animals. This will give a good start to your life and keep it free from any kind of stress. Starting a day with such a good work will fill you with the positive energy, enabling you to beat the stressful situations in your life easily and remain positive at all the times.

Final Remarks

These days, the people’s life is full of tension and stress. They look for several ways to reduce the stress and lead a normal life. The above-mentioned ways are helpful for people who wish to remove their tensions by doing some useful works.

Author Bio:

 Stella Wilson works as a writer for Melbourne Florist, a leading provider of quality gifts and Cheap Flowers Online Melbourne. She spends too much time in gardening. When she actually manages to get away for more than 10 minutes, he is usually reading books, traveling or shooting photos. For more blogs you can follow her on Facebook.





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How to prepare your child for overseas travel

As parents, it is your job to make sure that your children are living the best possible life you can give them. Of course, that includes paying for lessons, helping them with their academics and, of course, being there for them in their time of need.

Another thing parents can give their children regarding experience is taking them out to see the world. Now, this is an exciting experience for both you and your child. After all, it will be their first time overseas, and (possibly) your first time abroad with your little one in tow.

But, of course, there is always the worry in the back of your mind that something wary may happen. Your child may get scared to get on the aeroplane, or too afraid to enjoy himself, as he clings on to you for dear life, preventing you from enjoying the vacation yourself.

The key to this is preparation. Setting expectations and giving clear instructions can help your child enjoy the destination. Here are a few ways you can do just that:


After you have made plans for the trip, take out a map or a globe and show them exactly where you are going and how far it is from your country. This is an excellent time to tell them about how the culture in that area is different from yours, and how the people may look a bit different from the ones in your town.

It also helps to show them pictures of the people living in that country. This way, they can get a clear picture in their head of what the people will look like. It should be enough to spark an interest.

Culture introduction

Once you’ve shown them where in the world you’re going, next up is introducing them little by little to the customs. For example, in Japan, people take off their shoes before entering someone’s home, and that Mother’s Day is celebrated in August in Thailand.

Break out a book on the said culture, or watch child-friendly documentaries that can help them understand things a lot better.

Movies depicting the destination

For some children, Youtube videos and documentaries can be tedious to watch. Another great way to showcase places you and your family will visit is to find a movie that depicts the location.

Movies like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ratatouille, and Mulan among others are great movies to watch with your kids that can also give them an introduction to the countries each story is based in.

Pack together

Pack your bags together with your child. Not only is this a great way to teach them about doing things for themselves, but you can also guide them on what they can and cannot bring.

What’s more, remember to pack for the weather. Check online what kind of weather you should expect during your stay, and pack accordingly.

Aeroplane preparedness

It’s the day of your flight! Make sure you have all of your child’s documents together with yours, and you have everything you need for when you arrive.

Remember to take with you any of their favourite toys or even their blanket, as well as their pyjamas. That way, if it’s a long flight, they can sleep a lot more comfortable in their seats.

Make your child’s first overseas vacation a great experience by preparing for it weeks in advance. Introducing him to the culture little by little before going to the destination itself can help them enjoy their stay even more.

Finally, comfort is essential. You don’t want to make your child walk too much or take them on public transport where the chances of them getting separated from you are high. Instead, rent a car to help you and your family get around safely and in style.

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Crowd Pleasing Recipes that Won’t Break the Bank

Looking for some easy, crowd-pleasing recipes? Read on for some tips, tricks and recipes to help you feed a large group on a budget. You want to open your home to friends and family, but the idea of feeding a whole mess of people is a little intimidating. What if they don’t like it? What […]

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Illuminate Your Home With These Bright Lighting Ideas


When designing your home, there are a lot of things to consider, from the paint on the walls to the flooring materials you will use. But there is one design element that many of us overlook when decorating our homes: the lighting. Here are a few bright ideas on how you can incorporate varying lighting styles into your own home, no matter your style or preference.

Decorative Lighting

The lighting elements throughout your home can play a key role in the design of the space all while complementing your existing decor. Not only does lighting set the mood for a room, it can decorate the space, too. Consider the shape, style, size and color of the light fixtures and how they will impact your living space. Chandeliers, for example, draw the eye up, making an impactful statement. On the contrary, ceiling-mount lighting fixtures make for a more subtle statement no matter what room they are in. Using items such as lamps and lampshades can give a room an instant makeover. Changing up your lamp shades every so often or with the seasons is an affordable way to try something new design trend or refresh an outdated look.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting serves a range of purposes, including safety (think driveways and pathways), security and aesthetics. It can be used in to play up your landscape, illuminate an outdoor gathering area or keep your home safe, but the application between each couldn’t be more different. When it comes to outdoor lighting, bright is not always best.

Design experts say that the brightest outdoor lighting fixture should be at the front door. A traditional lighting scheme for this area typically includes two mounted fixtures on each side of the door. Solar lighting options are optimal for subtly illuminating pathways and dark driveways. Plus, many types of solar lighting styles are simple to install and maintain. And lighting fixtures such as outdoor hanging lights or string lights can set the mood for an evening al fresco dinner party with friends or the ambiance for a night on the patio with your family.

Natural Lighting

Often considered the most desired type of lighting, natural lighting can make nearly any living space feel airy and bright. In addition to illuminating homes nicely, natural light also boasts mood-boosting and other health-related benefits, according to experts from Psychology Today. Unfortunately, many homes are not built with natural light in mind. However, there are a handful of ways that you can increase natural light in your home, without undergoing an extensive construction project.

First, consider painting the eaves of your home white. Painting the overhangs can boost natural light in each room of your house. High-gloss paint can give the walls inside of your home a mirror like effect more than a matte sheen. Decorating with glass or highly reflecting tiles in your kitchen and bath work can also do the trick.

A well-designed home is a well-lit one. From increasing the natural light in your home with remedies such as painting your eaves and decorating your kitchen and bath with glass tile or backsplash to incorporating decorative and functional lighting inside and outside of your home, these bright lighting tips should not be overlooked when planning your next home redesign.

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Limited Mobility Alters Life

Most of us don’t realize how mobile we are, especially in an age in which many of us are consistently sitting down and plugged in. Really, we still move around quite a bit. Between getting ready in the morning for work, shuttling kids to their respective places, hitting up grocery stores, and enjoying some social time, we move a lot. Now imagine that you get sick and suddenly you can’t move around like you once did. Stairs become a danger. Taking a shower gets scary and unnerving. Even cooking yourself an egg suddenly becomes a frustrating endeavor. Today we are looking at medical aids and home upgrades that can help you and your family adjust to a new change in mobility.

Multi-Level Homes Are a Pain

Perhaps you, or your loved one, has a balance problem and it makes climbing stairs difficult, or your knees can no longer handle the up and down motion required. Whatever the reason, stairs become the most daunting task to manage. The easiest solution is to move a person to the lower level (assuming there is a bathroom with shower on the lower level) and the person doesn’t mind moving to the lower level (trust us, this can become a huge issue!). What happens if that isn’t an option? A chairlift, like an Easy Climber stairlift, is a godsend to help people move from floor to floor without worrying about tripping, falling, or exhausting themselves on the stairs. You can also opt for an in-home elevator if you have more than one floor and want to have access to all floors.

Make Entry Easy

Some homes come with grand walkways, huge porches, and a few stairs. If someone is in a wheelchair, they are not going to be able to get into the house. One of the best home modifications can make is to install a handicap ramp so that you or your loved one can get inside. The other concern is the door, it may simply be too narrow to accommodate for a wheelchair. While that ramp is being installed, have measurements taken of the wheelchair and the door to see if you should widen it and replace the door.

Bathroom Improvements Are a Must

You don’t know a struggle until going to the bathroom is exceptionally difficult. Bars around the commode and in the showers are an absolute must, no matter what type of mobility issue it is. Some issues are more severe than others and it may also mean that you will need to replace the toilet so that you or a loved one won’t have to bend as much. Since bathtubs are incredibly difficult to get in and out of, you will need to replace that with a shower designed for the disabled. That could be one that is spacious enough for a manual wheelchair. Most of them are made so that no one has to step up into it and can accommodate a shower chair. These showers also feature knobs low enough for the disabled person to manage a shower on their own. Bathroom remodels can be quite expensive if plumbing has to be rerouted so take some time to investigate government funding options that you and the family may qualify for.

There are so many other things you can do! Changing the flooring, using special tape on rugs so they will stay flat, and even kitchen modifications so that the person can make a sandwich is helpful. Limited mobility doesn’t mean one has to depend on another for everything. It means finding new ways to be as independent as possible.

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