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3 Reasons to Decline Initial Personal Injury Settlement Offers

Did you know that the first settlement offers given during the course of personal injury claims are often lowball offers? If you have become injured because you slipped and fell on the property of a negligent landowner, had a dog run up and bite you completely unprovoked, or got hurt in a car accident that was not your fault, your future is hanging in the balance. You probably already have medical bills that are growing with each passing day, and returning to work may also not be an immediate option if your injuries are very severe. Of course, personal injury victims have to consider how they are going to take care of their financial needs now and not just look to future potential settlement amounts.

Even if it is tough to get through your recovery in the present, here are three vital reasons you shouldn’t be quick to sign off on the first settlement offer received after a personal injury.

1. You Don’t Have a Great Idea of What Your Future Expenses Will be Yet

Regardless of your injury you are going to need to keep seeing specialized doctors until you are on your feet and doing everything you were before the accident. As such, there are going to be even more medical bills, and it will continue to be difficult to pay for everyday expenses. The first settlement offer that the other party makes isn’t likely to cover everything that you will eventually owe.

2. You Haven’t Had Time to Think Everything Over

Everyone has made impulsive decisions before because of pressure, time or a lack of knowledge. While buying the wrong car will make you regretful about the purchase, taking a settlement offer that you haven’t been able to properly think about can negatively change your life. Realize that almost all settlement offers are final, so you won’t have the ability to ask for more compensation if you have made a mistake or didn’t get enough money to pay all your medical expenses.

3. Your Attorney Hasn’t Been Able to Make a Counter Offer

Injury victims who take what is offered to them without attorneys by their side don’t get to make reasonable counter offers. Even if you negotiate for a higher amount on your own, it is likely that your counter offer will be rejected because you won’t have any facts to support your case. Settlement offers for personal injuries are detailed and broken down into categories such as pain and suffering, loss of wages, and medical costs. Don’t believe that you can ask for a higher amount of money and have your offer accepted based on your personal opinion rather than evidence.

Everything may be going fine with your recovery now, but what will you do if your doctors tell you that a full recovery may never be possible? In the event that you have agreed to accept the first settlement offer that is put on the table, there isn’t much that you can do. For an injury victim who has just learned that their career has come to an end, settlement negotiations are imperative for living as comfortably as possible given the current circumstances.

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Is Your Child Falling Behind in Reading and Writing? Signs to Watch Out For

As your child starts their first year of school, parents can hope for nothing but the best. Their hopes are that their child will succeed, make friends, learn to be independent, and have an enjoyable experience throughout their entire school years.

However, because kids learn at different speeds and in different ways, the learning experience isn’t always the same for all kids. As a parent, it’s important to be aware of the common signs to watch for so that if your child is falling behind in such things as reading and writing, you know how to react.

Don’t Wait – Jump on the Issue Quickly

One of the biggest tips for parents is not to wait. If they suspect their child may be having difficulty with reading and/or writing, it is best to act right away. Ignoring it can make the situation worse, and it can be stressful on the child who is falling behind. Typically, these issues begin to present themselves in preschool and during the kindergarten years, so this is also the best time to do something about it.

Do They Have Trouble with Alike Sounds?

A big indicator that your child may be having problems reading is if they show difficulty in manipulating sounds. This can be seen with words that have the same sounds. If you play a rhyming game with them and they struggle to correctly identify rhyming words, then there is a good chance they are having a problem with reading.

For those children who are learning English as their second language, this can be even more common, especially if English isn’t the language spoken at home. In this case parents may not be the best ones to be correcting them, or helping them, but instead might want to look for a professional.

You may want to spend some time reading about Helen Doron English teaching, as she has mastered the art of teaching English as a foreign language. There are programs that start as early as infancy and continue to the age of 19. In fact, they have helped more than two million children learn how to read English.

Do They Have Problems Remembering New Words?

Another sign to watch for tends to present itself in grade one, since the learning becomes a bit more intense. If your child is having problems learning, pronouncing, and then remembering new words this can be another warning sign. Typically, this means they are having a problem letter and sound association.

Does Your Child Have Problems Talking with Other Kids?

Again, this is more obvious as they enter kindergarten and first grade, but can also be a good indicator that they are experiencing issues. If your child has problems talking and playing with others, and seems to feel unsure, then they may in fact have an issue with language.

Help Can Turn Things Right Around

The wonderful part about stepping in and helping your child at a young age is that they are so receptive to learning, and tend to take it all in very quickly and easily. By knowing the signs to watch for, you’ll be able to provide them with the help they need to succeed.

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Household Tips for Keeping your Children Safe

The thought of what could happen to our kids while they’re outside is always on parent’s minds but in all reality where do we spend 90% of our time and how come we think so seldom about whether or not our house is safe?

This article is aimed at highlighting the possible dangerous areas in your home and some solutions to fixing them.

Hot Water

Burns from hot water are one of the most frequent accidents in the home. Children smell food or are just plain inquisitive and tend to grab things from the kitchen counters even though they cannot see them. This can easily end up being boiling water on the stove.

To prevent this from happening you could cook on the back burners, while ensuring the front ones are turned off. Make a habit of turning the pot handles away from the edge so as to disable sneaky hands to pull them down.

One of the main preventive measures you can take is to take the advice of PlumbingFix and find plumbers in your area to inspect and adjust the water heater to stop an accident before it can even start. A good plumber can guide you on any other preventive measures to take in regards to water such as mold, drowning in the tub, toilet seat locks for toddlers, and also swimming pool safety.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless gas and due to these attributes has been labeled the “silent killer”among many safety professionals. It is more of a hazard in older homes because of the older furnaces and appliances that might not burn gas properly or is not vented due appropriately in the house.

Due to its stealth characteristics the only way to monitor or know there is CO within the home is to have a CO detector that is working within the home. The detector needs to be placed either on the ceiling or walls close to where your bed so you can hear the alarm if you are sleeping.

Storm Shelter

Nowadays, weather calamities that happen almost daily cannot be ignored. Whether it be a tornado, hurricane, or severe thunderstorm bringing extreme winds and floods, we owe it to our families to be prepared for anything in regards to keeping them safe.

One of the best times to make a shelter is when you are remodelling the house or even after a major weather event that has given you the money or insight of how important it is to be prepared.

It is better to contact a company such as RestorationElite that has the experience in dealing with storm and water damage to understand what type of shelter that will be good for your home and maybe any help on problems that need to be fixed.

Therese tips are aimed at giving you some peace of mind in your already stress-filled life. By taking these precautionary steps, it will be a bit easier to spend quality time at home and not raising your children ‘in a bubble’.


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Home Renovations Are About Family And Property Value

A Safe Environment To Learn And Grow

Your children shouldn’t be neglected as you renovate your home and maintain it. Think about your childhood memories. Perhaps when your parents installed a fountain in the backyard, or a stylish statue; maybe a hot tub.

While the parents enjoy renovating a home, kids take pride in seeing those changes. They’ll talk amongst themselves about the cool new features of a home. They’ll show their friends the changes their parents made and even they helped with. So you must find a way to engage your children in the renovation process and make them an active part of it.

What is the use of filling your garden with adult-oriented content, if your child will unlikely play there? Instead, you could create an environment where playing outside will be more fun, by putting in a shady pergola, for example. This will give you a great place to entertain your guests while simultaneously making children’s recreation outdoors more comfortable and fun.

A group of outdoor pergola builders, NJ being their headquarters, provide some fine outdoor innovation. According to their site: “…the Equinox Louvered Pergola was designed for homeowners that have a passion for entertaining outdoors. With the touch of a remote, the Equinox Pergola can open completely, allowing full sun and breeze …”

Safety And Sustainability Options

Something else to remember is that your home is occasionally going to have to deal with pests. Whether it’s a hornet’s nest on the balcony, mice in the basement, or bedbugs in the mattress, you need to have some plan for dealing with these potentially hazardous creatures.

To avoid pests like bed bugs, you want solutions like Delsea Pest, who point out: “Bed bugs do not cause any lasting health issues for people or spread disease, but they do bite…bites can be undetectable for many…but some…who are allergic…experience pain, redness, irritation, and itching.”

It makes sense to look around for additional pest control solutions as fits your region. Having such a contingency available when the need arises will benefit the children through stabilizing your reaction to a crisis, as well as expediting return to a known environment, and reducing possible disease or allergic reaction.

Another good tip in today’s day and age is to turn your home greener. For between $15k and $20k, you can install a wind turbine, a 5 kWh solar system, and a water turbine if there is running water nearby. Should you be paying $100 a month for electricity, that saves you $1,200 a year.

College Assets?

In a little over 16 and a half years, your sustainable energy system has paid for itself even at the $20k level. However that doesn’t count the additional property value which comes from a grid-independent electrical system. So you make money, ultimately, and you have greater safety in emergencies while additionally doing good for the environment.

That’s a great example to set for your children. Additionally, should you install such systems at their birth, by the time they’re $18, you’ve made some money back on your investment tangibly. Especially if you can find ways to reduce the cost of installing sustainable energy, you can provide a better learning and growing environment.

Between renovations, planning against pests, and becoming grid-independent, you can maintain your home’s value—and even increase it—while providing a good environment for your children to flourish in, having a positive impact on that environment, and simultaneously expanding your assets. It’s a trilateral win.

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Thesis Writing As A Startup Idea: Main Stages

Why thesis writing can be a great idea for private business

There’s no need to explain why studying is a challenging experience. It becomes even more challenging when a student has to combine study and work, which happens more often than not. No wonder that at some point students start struggling with the workload they have — and this is when using a professional writing service becomes an option, especially when it comes to thesis writing.
Since this trend shows no tendency to decline, the business idea of providing custom thesis or
custom essays writing services looks more than promising.
It’s worth noting that you can start a thesis writing business even in case your previous professional occupation or your education has nothing in common with writing academic papers. All you have to do is organize cooperation with a team of academic writing specialists and look for student clientele.
Creating a startup like this requires clear assessment of your own capacities and of how much effort this will take. You’ll have to pay special attention to the following stages:

1. Creating an online project for thesis writing and coursework writing.
2. Engaging professional writing specialists, educators, supervisors, and students.
3. Run an advertising campaign and extensively promote your services on the market.

Custom thesis writing can be a great business idea not only because it has big financial potential, but also because it’s an interesting business area that will allow both you and your employees to learn how to think out of the box and broaden your horizons.

Organizational issues

Organizing this kind of business will not require any major investments. It’s not even necessary to have a company office. Your biggest item of expenditure will be supporting your online resource and your promotional campaigns. In case you pay your employees after you receive payment from clients, you won’t have to worry about investing your own money into a salary fund.

Starting a website

When your entire business activity takes place online, you don’t need any physical office or buying everything it requires (furniture, computers and other office equipment and paraphernalia). What you have to do is focus on creating your online company’s profile — that is, your website where you can post information about your company, your offers and accept
and process orders. Remember that your website interface has to be user-friendly so your clients could use it intuitively.

When it comes to creating a quality website, it’s better to engage professionals who have vast experience and extensive portfolio.

Engaging specialists

Writing services provided by true professionals, well-experienced in academic research papers are always in great demand. Look for final-year students, educators (professors, supervisors, methodologists) who can meet deadlines and provide high quality result.

Looking for clients and completing tasks

Finding clients is one of the most important and laborious stages of your business’ operation.
You’ll have to specify the number of academic disciplines or fields of study you are going to work with; each of them has its own specifics you’ll have to take into account in order to make your business successful.
After your team of professional writers successfully completes first orders, you’ll be able to cut your advertising expenses. Don’t forget to ask your clients for the feedback. And remember: your success depends on how fast you are able to accept and process orders, as well as on high quality of the works submitted to clients.

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Triathlon Training for Kids

Have you introduced a wide variety of sports to your child and have noticed that he or she loves most, if not all, of them to the point that he or she excels in them? Are you feeling a competitive spirit deep within your child? Have they asked if it was possible to play several sports in one event? If you said ‘yes’ to any of the questions, consider discussing with him or her the concept of the multi-stage competition like the triathlon, then proceed with doing the steps highlighted below if he or she shows even a little bit of interest.

Show Videos and Photos of Triathlon Events

This can actually be done at the start of discussions, but if it’s not possible at the moment, you can do this later. When doing this, make sure to showcase how popular it is among athletes of most other sports and what should be expected when participating in this kind of event (including the possibility of injuries).

Swim Training is Crucial

How crucial is swim training? Experts have highlighted swimming to be the most dangerous phase of kids’ and adults’ triathlon events alike, so there should be considerable emphasis on this phase. Thus, it follows that you need to enroll the child into a comprehensive swimming programme under a highly reputed coach who knows how to prepare athletes and enthusiasts for triathlon. Home workouts are optional, but highly recommended in the form of sessions in a home pool. To ensure that the child gets the right amount of swim training at home, Premier Pools design for home exercise pools, as well as their construction, should be done by trustworthy builders only.

Gradual Increases for Both Biking and Running

When the time comes for the child to be trained in the cycling phase of triathlon, the best approach is the gradual increase of their workload. Cycling training should begin with a slow ride until half the required distance for the event is reached. The required cycling distance for younger kids is two miles, and four miles for older children. Each week, increase the distance covered.

The same applies with the running phase, but instead of letting the child stop after having covered half the required event distance in a slow run, he or she must be instructed to walk the distance remaining. Escalate training by adding more running in place of some time walking every week. Three weekly running sessions is already plenty, and for best results, let the kid run on a soft surface instead of asphalt or concrete.

Injury Prevention During Training

Children’s bodies are prone to injuries like overheating, cartilage damage, tendon pulls, ligament tears, and fractures. If you or the coaches you hire to help them train are not careful, the chances of permanent damage associated with excessive training increase. Permanent damage can happen to growth plates that are in the feet, ankles, knees, pelvis, arms, and shoulders, if training is not done carefully.

As such, it’s important for parents like you to consult a paediatrician before any training begins.

No Stress, Just Fun

Aside from the possibility of injuries, triathlon events also put the child at risk of psychological damage associated with the stress of competing. To combat such problems, emphasis should be given to participation, not competition.


Author Bio: Rey Carlos Rosales is a content creator who takes pride in the depths he is willing to go to ensure his articles are rich in facts. By day, he creates written content on a wide variety of topics, such as topics related to swimming and Premier Pools water features. At night, he works on his superhero and military fiction stories.


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Increase Your Holiday Budget by Trading Stocks Online


When the time comes around for your holiday, you will inevitably feel like it has completely crept up on you. People book holidays so far in advance now, it is no wonder they are ill prepared when the time comes. Another factor that doesn’t help is all of the new and innovative ways you can book holidays. The days are gone when you could only go into the travel agent and book ahead and pay each month, and now you can pretty much book a whole holiday without paying much in advance, and pay the rest when you get there. The days leading up to a holiday can now be a stressful scramble for funds, but there are now ways to get extra funds in order without getting yourself in debt. Online trading is one of the best ways to chalk up a bit of extra cash before the big event.

What is online trading?

Online trading is exactly what it sounds like. Gone are the days when you had to go through a financial adviser, a stock broker and a lengthy process just to trade shares. Websites like CMC markets let you log on and trade online in minutes. This may sound daunting, and dabbling your hand in the fast paced stock market may seem like a bad idea when you are trying to make money, but if you take your time to do some learning, and you don’t get greedy, you could pocket yourself some extra cash.

There is also no particular restriction on just trading in stocks and shares. You can put your money into Unit Trusts or OEICS, or any other mutual funds, and you can also take advantage of the opportunity to do some spread betting or trade CFD’s. Spread betting and CFD’s offer a very different way of trading to stocks and shares. Rather than actually owning a stock, you bet either for or against its position in the market.

What do I need to get started?

To trade stocks and shares online to make more money for your holiday, there really isn’t a lot you need to get started. First of all, you will need a laptop or any other computer, and then you will need to register to the online trading website you have chosen to use.

When you register, you will be asked to prove your identity. Most websites will let you do this by scanning in your ID, so you should not send off your originals. IF you do see anything that has been requested of you that you feel is untoward, either contact the company or the Financial Services Authority and report your concerns.

One of the main things people wrongly assume which leads them to not trying online trading, is that they need lots of money to get started. This isn’t the case, as most online trading websites will let you invest a minimum of £50.

Top tips for online trading for extra holiday money

Set up a monthly direct debit and invest a small amount each month, rather than one big lump sum


This is a great way for you to manage an affordable portfolio, and also spread your risk. If you invest a large lump sum of money in one go, you are bound to the price at that time. If you invest monthly, the prices may be bad one month but could be balanced out with a good price the next.


Some of the online trading websites have a practice function where you can get the feel of the trades and the usability of the website. If they do not, and you are completely new to trading, it still may be worth monitoring trades you would of gone for over the period of a couple of weeks before you actually go ahead and place money into real trades.

Sign up to more than one broker

The great thing about online brokers, is they are not exclusive, won’t know if you are using someone else and won’t care as much as your financial adviser. Sign up to a few and spread your risk even more.


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