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How to be a Work-From-Home Mom

Once you have a child your life changes forever. Today most parents work outside the home to support their family and many feel guilty that they sacrifice time with their children. It’s a harsh reality that many parents face—a catch-22 between providing for the family and maintaining a relationship with them. It’s not easy, but now there’s more opportunity to do both. New technology makes working at home possible. Virtually any position can be filled with a remote online job performed right in your home. But working from comes with its own set of challenges. Here are the must-know tips to becoming a successful work-from-home mom.

Manage Your Time

When you work from home you’re left to your own devices. You no longer have a boss or supervisor peering over your shoulder to make sure you’re making deadlines, so now you’ve got to do this yourself. Whether you have one client or multiple clients, it’s time to get disciplined. Time management may be the toughest part of being a work-from-home mom. While working at home and spending time with the kids might seem like a dream, the freedom you gain comes with responsibility. Now it’s time to make a schedule. If your intention is to spend more time with your children and tend to their needs you’ll have to schedule your work around it. If you’re a morning person try getting up before the kids to work until breakfast. Plan your day to get the bulk of your work done while they’re at school, or come up with activities that will entertain them if they’re home. The beauty of working from home is that you don’t need to take any sick time to take your kids to the doctor or tend to them when they’re sick. Plan your day for the unexpected like this and you’re sure to have a more organized schedule.

Discipline Yourself

You may be comfortably typing away at the kitchen table in your pj’s, but at home distraction abounds. If you have young kids they’re likely to make a mess wherever they go, cry and make a fuss. You may love your kids, but when it comes to getting work done you need to eliminate distractions. Find days where you can get a babysitter or convert a room into a home office blocked off with a baby gate. Give yourself the privacy to focus. After all, the more work you get done now the more free time you’ll have with your kids. If you have any chores, try to get them done before or after work. Don’t let your mind wander to the piles of laundry, dirty dishes in the sink and dirt on the floor. While a little clutter doesn’t do any harm, a messy home will only cause unnecessary stress. Keep it off your mind by getting your chores done off work hours.

Build Strong Communication Skills

When you work from home it’s especially important to have strong communication skills. Whether you’re a freelancer or a full-time remote worker, regular communication is key to keeping a positive relationship with clients. Keep up to date with emails, deadlines, phone calls and Skype meetings. There are times you’ll have to adjust your schedule to your client’s needs, so make sure you’re available to communicate when they need you. If you’re only available during certain times of the day or if you’re taking time off you need to let your client’s know ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute to inform your clients of any discretions or delays in their projects. Businesses don’t always have a good history with remote workers, so if you want to keep a job be sure that you communicate with them regularly.

For many moms, working from has provided the ultimate opportunity to spend time with their family. Find companies that outsource work with Remote.com and follow these tips to be a successful work-from-home mom.

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5 silly ways to make extra money for the family

Sometimes making ends meet financially can be the toughest thing as a working mom. You’re torn between wanting to provide the best life possible for you and your family, but also the need to spend quality time with them. It’s a dilemma that every parent will face at some time or other as the children are growing.

Making extra money is an idea many of us have when we try saving, but are not sure how to turn into a reality. There are lots of online outlets that can be looked into – anything from freelance writing, through to more serious jobs like audio transcription and working in virtual offices, but they’re not always well paid and won’t suit everyone.

Here are five really unusual ways in which you can earn an extra buck or two (and actually have some fun in the process)

Life modeling

You don’t have to have the body of Cindy Crawford to be a model these days. One really fun and interesting way to make money is to become a life model at your local college, University or Art School. You can be paid to sit still, or pose for a few hours whilst students paint or draw portraits of you, to add to their portfolios or enhance their study skills. As well as being paid, you might also get some of the artwork to take home and display, if you’re brave enough!

Cut your hair and sell it for cash

Do you have long hair, or unmanageable tresses that you simply don’t have a clue how to look after? Then you might be able to arrange to cut and sell your locks for cash. There are always lots of wigmakers and hairdressers who need lengths of hair to make extensions and realistic looking wigs for people who are either necessity wearers, or who can’t grow their own hair for other reasons. If your hair isn’t at a stage where it is ready to cut, why not think about growing it anyway, to donate at a point in the future. You’ll be able to make a decent amount of money and you’ll be helping people in the process – what’s not to love?

Sell your holiday photos

You don’t have to be a world class photographer, and sometimes all you need is a smartphone, but why not consider selling images or even your holiday photos to stock photo sites? So long as your pictures are of a decent and high enough resolution, they can be sold and each time someone buys one of your snaps you’ll get paid a royalty fee. It’s something you can keep doing as a regular hobby and you can pretty much send in anything you like (within the realms of taste and decency of course!)

Online trading

If you have a reasonable head for figures and would like to dabble in stocks and shares then online trading with CMC Markets could well be a great option to consider. If you’ve already got a superfast broadband connection, you can use a search engine to learn how to get started, and find your way into this world. Earnings can vary but if you’re a quick, sensible worker then you can easily make a sizable second income. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of the best times to be online to trade, but you can do it all from the comfort and safety of your sofa.

Answer texts

Who doesn’t like a bit of text messaging? It’s fun and it keeps us regularly in touch with our friends and family. Did you know you can actually get paid for doing it, now? Companies like ChaCha offer a service for people who need rapid answers to questions via text messaging services. Topics can be as random and far fetched as possible, anything from the best places to eat and drink in certain locations through to which Pokemon is quickest to hatch! If you’re quick enough to reply and answer, you’ll get paid. You won’t earn buckets of cash, but if you keep up with it and find time every day, you can earn decent pocket money.


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5 Great Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen

Weddings are complicated and crazy to plan, and with so many teeny details you have to figure out, it can be easy to accidentally let things slip through the cracks – especially the things that aren’t imperative to the ceremony. Usually, it is the bridesmaids and groomsmen who pick up the slack and really make sure the bride and groom have all the help they need, so you need to make sure that their thank-you gifts don’t fall through the cracks. With so many articles out there for the bride, we thought it would be a good idea to help the groom out a little, so here are five great gift ideas for your groomsmen!


You can really never go wrong with a pair of cool sunglasses by MVMT. Everyone wears them, even when it’s not sunny enough outside to actually warrant them, so it’s a pretty good can’t-fail groomsmen gift. But don’t go with something boring and expected. Find styles and materials that not everyone already owns, such as a cool wood pair, so the gift is truly unique. Maybe stick with the same style of frame, but get each groomsman a different type of material. That way, everyone gets to stand out and the gifts will seem far more thought out.

Luggage Tags

This idea is better if the wedding is destination-based and requires everyone to go abroad. Either you can order something online (we’re sure someone on Etsy sells customized luggage tags) or you can make them yourself, which will be way more meaningful. One idea is to gather up leather scraps (most craft stores sells bags of different colored pieces of leather) and cut them into mismatching shapes. Punch out a hole on one end and emboss each groomsman’s initials somewhere on the tag, then use leather cord to loop through the hole. Vary them up however you like and gift them to your groomsmen before the trip.

Weekender Bag

Even if the wedding doesn’t require them to hop on a plane, giving your groomsmen a weekender bag is a great idea. Everyone needs a good bag, whether they travel a lot for business or they just take the occasional three-day weekend trip, which means that this gift will actually get used more than once and will be appreciated for quite a while. You can go for a cool canvas weekender, a classic leather or a stylish twill. You can buy them all the same one or get each man something different that speaks to their personal style. Maybe customize them or even pair them with those luggage tags we just told you about.

Monthly Club

Does your friend group get super excited over food or cocktails? If so, gifting them with some sort of monthly delivery might be the winning ticket. There are countless options out there, from salami and bacon to wine and whiskey subscription services, so you will have plenty to choose from. The great thing about this idea is that you can give each groomsman a different one depending on who likes what. Maybe one friend would die over craft beers, while another prefers artisanal coffee and another loves bourbon.

Go for an Experience

If you don’t want to give them anything that can be popped in a box, go with an experience-based gift that you can all do together as a group. You can either combine the groomsmen gift with the bachelor party and plan a big trip or plan a cool outing that is separate from the wedding festivities entirely. Is there anything you all have been talking about wanting to do? Like go skydiving or bungee jumping? Maybe you all love sports cars and spending the day at a professional racetrack zooming around in Aston Martins is the answer. Or you can plan individual outings to enjoy with each groomsman separately. Check out Cloud9Living to get a bit of inspiration. Whatever you decide to do, it will certainly be remembered fondly for the rest of your lives.

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Add warmth to your kid’s cot in cold environment of your room

Does your baby feel comfort in the cot? If not, then use cot quilt. It gives comfort due to the quality filling inside it. There are many reasons to use top class bedding for comfortable sleep. These are extremely wonderful for the users to save their money and offer comfort. These are available in the market in the variety of designs and styles. For your sealed and sturdy cot mattress these quilts are the essential items. It provides protection from getting damaged and scratches. These are highly helpful for making your bedding childproof. It enables it to use in the extreme environment. Normally, the bedding get damaged due to the moisture and dirt. But, this collection enhances the functionality of the bedding in a solid way.

cot quilt

Characteristics of Good Cot Sheets

1. Offers solid grip

By using cot quilt, you can get good grip. These quilts contain soft edges to make it possible to grip it strongly. These are available with solid material and contain complete fitting in the cot. It allows the users in elevating them on the surface. It is highly beneficial for video chatting and watching videos while lying on the bed because your baby is comfortable in the cot.

2. Offers elegance

Cot quilt is available in variety of designs. It offers a real allure to the users. It is highly beneficial item that provides stylish impression. When you enter into the room it offers sensational look.

3. Offers Tight fitting

Due to the modern technology cot quilt is designed in a way to provide complete fitting. It allows an easy and solid grip. These covers offer malleability and flexibility. It contains cotton like material that can easily be molded. It offers an easy formation and fitting on the bed. These are very easy to use and remove.

4. Lightweight

These are very easy to carry and use. It covers the matters like a glove and provides a solid protection. These are highly slime line and low profile. It gives the look of modernism in a quite perfect way. These are not heavy and bulky. Due to the lightweight, it is very easy to hold in the hands. It offers an easy removal and grip. It makes it easy to slip, put on, remove and convenient. Cot quilt is effective to secure these devices from outside particles to come in. There is a huge variety of these items is available in the market. It provides great protection as well. For mothers it is a great item because they can wash it very easily in the home laundry or in the washing machine. Follow the instructions that are given on its package. By following these washing instructions you will extends the life of your quilts.

cot quilt

What is the attraction in Cot quilt?

Mothers want special items for their kids. If you have your infant’s cot in your room then it will be your first preference to provide complete coverage during sleep. You child will be uncomfortable if he/she does not warm in the cot. Cover your child with exclusive cot quilt. It will increase the solace of child and mother both. How can you enhance the beauty of your room with a colorful Cot quilt? A colorful quilt is the source to add beauty to your id’s bedroom. Enhance the grace of cot by using cot quilt. These are available in the market in the variety of style and offers extreme elegance. The stylish designs are highly wonderful for raising an affluent shimmer of your bed room environment. These items are not only reliable for offering sizzling impact but are dynamic for delivering safety. These are highly wonderful for offering protection from getting damaged.

cot quilt

Description of the Product

1. It is intended with variety of designs and versatility
2. This guard delivers an ultimate security
3. It is an ultra slim cover that offers protection from water and snow
4. It does not allow the dust and dirt particles to come in the bedding
5. It contains the technology that provides protection from moisture
6. It is made of sturdy material that makes it durable
7. It is integrated with 7 piece construction to provide protection

cot quilt

Use Stylish Cot Quilt

You will love this variety of quilt cover sets due to the modern details that make it a unique option in the list of the modern collection of the year. Zip makes it a perfect fit for your bedroom because of the stylish designs. It unveils your modern impression by clinging it to the mattress. The dramatic style of the covers makes it sparkling due to the beading embellishment on the frills of the sheets. It offers a dazzling accent with the appliques and beaded embroidery on the edges and at the hemline of the sheets as well. It accentuates modern bedding very beautifully and further leads to a floor length frill of the sheet. The breathtaking fabric is adorned with beads in unique pattern. It is formed with the variety of prints and shades in the splendid way. Make your bed room environment stylish, comfortable and memorable due to this chic item that is full of the exotic details. It makes your bedroom super stylish due to the trendy designs. The beaded embellishment enhances the lustrous impact of your lively look. It saves your mobile set from water, snow, moisture and other harmful effects. The majority of the users use waterproof covers for avoiding wetness. But, the use of these covers enhances the beauty of the bedroom and security chances.

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All in a Day’s Work: The Perks of Using Company Cars

Even though the tax system is becoming increasingly more complicated—for both admin and staff—providing employees with company cars remains a popular option. As far as incentivizing talent to a company, offering the use of a company car is a significant non-cash benefit. While investing in a fleet of company cars is a great way to mobilize a workforce, it also comes with a unique set of opportunities.

For expedience sake, we’re going to take a look at the benefits and challenges that come when companies deploy company cars.


Eliminates Transportation Issues for Staff

For companies based in locations far from public transit, providing company cars to your crew effectively removes the problem and allows your staff to easily travel to and from the office. While doing this in large urban hubs like San Francisco, Chicago and New York City would likely increase transportation headaches for your staff, it’s a huge help to employees in more rural regions, where public transit may not be as reliable or efficient.

Being able to use a company car is also a big help to employees with children. Giving them a second car means that they are more flexible when it comes to picking the kids up from school, dropping them off at soccer practice or any other family-oriented travel issue.


Bolsters Corporate Image

For some organizations, the employee car is a clear indicator of how their brand is perceived. For example, if you were selling a home in Beverly Hills, and the real estate agent pulled up in a car that’s old and rundown, what would you think of their ability to sell homes? While you don’t have to spring for top-of-the-line luxury cars, there will definitely be the right automobile for your company that’s both functional for its intended purposes yet stylish and representative of your brand.


 Considered an Unnecessary Expense

While many company cars are relatively inexpensive, the taxes, insurance and maintenance costs associated with them can add up. Once you’ve determined what type of car you want to provide to employees, there are calculators available to help estimate total costs. If you live in a crowded metro area with a reliable public transportation system, investing in a fleet of company cars might not bring any value to your employees while still incurring a lot of additional costs.

Even if you get a great commercial auto insurance quote from a provider, you will still have to maintain and eventually replace the vehicles. It may seem like a one-off expense, but the truth is that cars—especially cars being used to commute frequently or travel long distances as part of daily duties—will need to be repaired and serviced regularly.

It’s also worth pointing out that roughly 35 percent of car accidents happen on the weekend, which means that your company would be assuming a substantial risk during non-business hours.

Must Be Accurately Reported

Some number of organizations allow free-use of company vehicles outside of work and without any insight into how employees are using them. Without this insight, the company is exposed to audit risk and increased cost. As part of a fringe benefit, companies are required to report personal use of fleet vehicles to the IRS. Incorrect or inaccurate reporting of this information could result in penalties in form of back taxes or fines.


While there are many great reasons to invest in a fleet of company vehicles, it’s essential to weigh all the risks against the benefits to find out if a fleet really makes sense or if it’d be an unwise investment.

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Mother’s Day – A Caring Catch-Up Session

Nobody seems to know the exact origin of Mother’s Day. Today the festival of Mother’s day is celebrated on different dates – mostly in May – across some 46 countries. How will you celebrate your mom and allow the memories of this special day to remain in her mind forever?

Billions of people around the world set aside Mother’s Day to honor the mother-figure in their lives. They want to thank their mothers for their unselfish efforts in giving them life, love, care and support, not just till the age of 18 or 21, but for the rest of their lives.

If you’re always ‘too busy’ to show your mom you care, mother’s day is the perfect opportunity to set aside this one special day to catch-up with your mom and make her the happiest mom alive.

An Out-of-the-Ordinary Day

There is no doubt that Mother’s Day has become hugely popular, and is advertised well ahead of time. It’s a day that allows children to set aside differences with each other and enjoy a common bond – the celebration of a life they treasure and value.

Mother’s Day is a time of giving flowers and other gifts to the person you call mom. Of course its a massive business boost for businesses in the florist- and gifting industry too.  If you don’t want to succumb to the commercialism surrounding mother’s day, remember that moms love nothing more than a gift from you that has been handmade as this will make her feel special.


Let’s look at some other great ideas for mother’s day which will help your mom to see how special she is in your life –

●If you see yourself as a bit of a cook, why not cook a ‘mom’s favourite meal’? This is a great way to honor your mom, especially if it’s a recipe that has been carried down through the generations.

●Mother’s day is also an opportunity to revisit memories. Bear with your mom or grandmother as you go through birthday-, baby- and other precious photographs or videos of happy memories.

●Enjoy a movie watching session. Let mom choose her favorite video, and if you want to make it extra special for her, bake a cake or a batch of cookies, and get some popcorn going. Mother’s day is a special day and every family member can take part in a Mom’s Day Movie Magic time.

●If your mom loves gardening, its a day when you can all get into the garden and rake up leaves, weed and best of all, plant a ‘mother’s day’ tree, rose bush or herb. Your mom will be proud to show-off her special plant to anyone who visits because it shows she’s a mom that is cherished by her children.

Get Creative this Mother’s Day

If there’s little money to buy expensive presents for Mother’s Day, it’s every reason to get creative.

With these simple, affordable and effective’ ideas, you’ll be showing the mother-figure in your life that you care.

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Upgrade Your Music Skills with Hoffmans Academy


Children who grow up in a home where good music is always being played are the lucky ones. Yes, there are people who are addicted to just one genre, but diversity is also a good thing. People who can switch from Elvis Presley to Glenn Miller to Diana Krall to Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift and to Asia’s biggest k-pop star, CL will be dancing and singing throughout life.

Music isn’t meant to just be listened to– it is meant to be learned and played simply because life is better with music.

My six year old daughter is taking the lessons from the website and she is so happy with them, she can follow the lessons with ease and with the interactive games it makes the learning so much fun.

About the Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy started out in 2007 in Oregon, providing private- and group piano lessons for both children and adults. As more people started showing an interest in music, the Academy grew, and Joseph Hoffman soon realized that the only way to cater for the huge demand was to provide piano lessons online.

Learn to Play the Piano completely Free

The Hoffmans wanted to ensure that every video lesson be free. They wanted to ensure that nothing would stand in the way for a child to learn to play the piano. Yes, there would be a small charge for the lesson materials, created to supplement the  learning in the video lessons, but the video lessons themselves would always be free.

These videos, only about 5 to 15 minutes long, ensure kids are engaged throughout. The videos are hosted on the Hoffman Academy YouTube channels, and the videos can be viewed on your computer, your Internet connected TV or on your mobile device.

While you can create an excellent musical experience with just the videos, Hoffman Academy also offers additional materials to enhance your study. You can purchase the materials such as sheet music, activity pages and practice CDs in a bundle or individual units.

Interactive Learning Games

From the very interactive learning games on site, students will learn how to read, understand, play- and also create music. Kids are immersed in the training methods – the creativity and humor. Both adults and kids love the simple, clear step-by-step teaching style combined with the fun side.

The new interactive, subscription-based website includes music-learning games as well as online progress tracking. Students will be guided through developing their skills in music theory, ear training and staff reading, making learning the piano ever more enthralling.

Premium Members will also have access to a suite of music learning games. These interactive learning games will help with developing sight reading, rhythm, ear training, as well as music theory skills.

These games make it fun but also easy to build the skills that lead to fluency in music. The games will be included in daily Practice Sessions, and students will also be able to play these games whenever they want to through their profile page.

Some other exciting Features

  • Learn and Grow with Daily PracticeEach of the Hoffman Academy units comes with a Listening Album as well as a Practice Album. The Listening Album is a set of recordings for a child to listen to before learning a song while the Practice Album is for when your child has learned a song and needs motivation to continue with practising as well as to develop important musical skills.There are many benefits to having your child use the Practice Album as part of their daily practice routine. The Practice Album allows students to experience a wide range of musical styles in a fun, immersive way. After each lesson, you receive a practice session for that specific lesson and once the practice session is complete, the child receives points for it as well. These points are indicative of whether the child can move on to the next lesson.●New Video Lessons Being Added – Right up to AdvancedHoffman have created a series of 168 video lessons, but the lessons don’t end there. With support from Kickstarter, this number is expected to reach in the region of 260 video lessons by the end of 2017. These lessons will take students up to an intermediate level, with the aim being to add in even more lessons, right up to advanced levels.●Easy-to-Manage Accounts with Each ChildOne of the newer features with Hoffman Academy with the very affordable premium membership is that there are now easy-to-manage accounts for each student in the home. With Hoffman Academy 2.0, you can log in from the site and simply set up accounts for each child participating. This makes it easy to check your account settings and to also upload materials and mp3 files all ‘under one roof’ and in the same place.

    When you click on ‘lessons’ from the top manual, the site will ask you which student is doing the lesson. This is so that it can record each child’s progress. Each child can work through the lessons at their own pace and also repeat lessons if they need to.

Always inTouch

With these online lessons, users scarcely feel as though they’re online. Students feel totally connected and ‘with it’ as there are regular updates on Hoffman’s Facebook page, there are email newsletters as well as their blog. Joseph Hoffman writes short tips on the Hoffman Academy Blog such as ‘Is Piano the Best First Instrument?’

Say what you like, the Hoffmans have simply re-invented how piano is taught, using modern technology.

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