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Easy Ice Pops For Summer

I partnered with Juicy Juice for this easy popsicle recipe in celebration of the Cars 3 movie premier. This post contains affiliate links.

Juicy Juicy Popsicle Recipe

As the sun rose on Friday morning, so did a little man chanting “Caws moowie tu-night? Tu-niiiight?” Yes, buddy, we’re going to see Cars 3 tonight. “Ma Caws moowie! I get dwessed.” But before he could even change out of his racecar PJs, I had a surprise for him and Bear. The night before, I froze some Juicy Juice in ice cube trays for them to celebrate the big day. Yes, mom of the year right here, folks – popsicles for breakfast!

It was just juice, so why not trick make them incredibly happy by just freezing it instead of pouring it in their sippy cups? My mom made me popsicles this way when I was a kid, and the Cars 3 “moowie” day was the perfect day to introduce them to this easy ice pop treat for summer.

Easiest Popsicles Ever Recipe Kids Juice

The Easiest Ice Pops You’ll Ever Make

  1. Pour Juicy Juice in an ice cube tray.
  2. Cover with foil.
  3. Add a lollipop stick to each cube.
  4. Freeze for at least 1 hour.
  5. Pop out and enjoy!

Easy Ice Pops for Kids this Summer

The trick to adding the lollipop stick is to first puncture the foil with a toothpick, then pop in the lollipop stick. When you remove the foil once the juice is frozen, just be sure to check that any foil didn’t end up freezing inside the ice pop! If so, just toss that one.

That night, we headed to the local movie theater to see Cars 3. We had a nice family dinner at one of our favorite burger joints, make a quick stop at the park to burn energy to prepare for 2+ hours of sitting in a chair, and then it was showtime. With two booster seats in hand, one overpriced drink, and two kids so excited I thought they may jump out of their skin, we found our seats.

Their smiles were priceless (genuine and not forced while constipation-screaming “cheeeeeeeeeese” like above). Little Man was so excited when Cruz Ramirez rolled onto the screen since that was the character he got in his blind bag last weekend. “Ma cawr! Mom, ma cawr, it at home!”

For those smiles and that happniess, I’ll give them ice pops for breakfast any day of the week. Just don’t tell them my secret.

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Cubbie Lee Toys Noah’s Ark Review + Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Cubbie Lee Toys.

Cubbie Lee Toys Review - Noahs Ark Toy - Wooden Toy

Finding faith-based toys is important to me and my family. Of course Disney Princesses and Hot Wheels fill our playroom, but it’s nice to have toys that help to illustrate biblical teachings and stories from the Bible. I was recently introduced to Cubbie Lee Toys, a wooden toy company that offers puzzles, train tracks, and, my personal favorite, a little Noah’s Ark!

My mom still has a plethora of my childhood toys and books. While we were over her and my stepdad’s house a few weekends ago, I found my super, SUPER old Noah’s Ark childhood book. Bear loves storytime and of course asked me to read it to her.

Cubbie Lee Toys Review - Noahs Ark

As we read about Noah’s mission from God, Bear became enthralled. She asked why people made fun of Noah and if the flood would ever come. Now I catch her and her brother reenacting the story of Noah’s Ark with the toy version from Cubbie Lee Toys!

Cubbie Lee Toys Review - Noahs Ark Toy

How adorable and beautifully crafted is this wooden toy? Made from durable and sustainable wood, this toddler toy includes 14 animals (seven types of animals x2), Noah, his wife and the ark, which turns into a storage base for the animals and people while not in play.

Cubbie Lee Toys Review - Noahs Ark Toy - Puzzle

Cubbie Lee Toys Review - Noahs Ark Toy - Animals

I was a little concerned that this toy may have rough edges since it’s wood, but it is completely smooth and not a concern whatsoever. Another worry was that the ramp could pinch little fingers, but Cubbie Lee Toys thought of everything when it came to tiny humans. The ramp is hinged and gently closes.

Cubbie Lee Toys Review - Noahs Ark Toy - Noah

Some days they play two by two, and other days Bear houses her Shopkins in the boat and they cruise to the Barbie house. I love that this toy is themed, yet encourages creative and imaginative play.

That’s why Cubbie Lee Toys is such an awesome company. It’s family-owned (Cubbie Lee is the name of the owners’ beloved furry friend) and the owners, Zach and Sarah, began the company when they became parents. Their mission was to bring the finest wooden toys to parents around the US.

Cubbie Lee Toys Review - Noahs Ark Toy - Zebra

All Cubbie Lee Toys come with a 30 day no-quibble return policy and 5, yes FIVE, year warranty. You can buy directly from CubbieLeeToys.com or on their recently launched Amazon shop. They also look for toy reviewers, so if interested, you can sign up for the Cubbie Lee VIP Club for a chance to test a toy!



Want to Win a $195 Toy Super-Bundle? A new winner will be drawn on the first Friday of each month!


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15 Summer Activities to Help Kids Learn About Nature

School is out and summer is here! If you’re like me, the last thing you want consuming your child’s attention this summer is devices.

Remember when we were kids and summer meant days at the pool, family bike rides and a neighborhood game of backyard baseball?

The folks at naturerated compiled a list of 15 activities to get kids outside, exploring nature to appreciate its wonder.


For details on how to make these crafts, visit naturemade.com.

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Boppy Helps a Growing Belly

Mom-to-be and Spit Up is the New Black contributor Tori partnered with Boppy for the following post. Samples were provided. This post contains affiliate links.

Now that I’m in my third trimester, I think my belly is getting bigger every day. Literally. I will catch a glimpse of it in the mirror before I go to sleep and would swear that my bump has grown since that morning when I got dressed. I have started to knock into things with it, and I’ve had to apologize to my growing son when I opened a closet door and bumped it right into his happy little home.

This magically expanding belly, along with his kicks and stretches and pokes, serves as a happy (and ever-present) reminder that I get to meet this amazing new person in just a few months. Accompanying this growth is the reality that it’s getting harder and harder to get comfortable. This is never truer than when it’s time to sleep or time to relax. Ah, the ironies of pregnancy… which I trust are preparing me well for the myriad paradoxes of parenthood upon my horizon!

So with my belly, as well as the accompanying sore hips, the time is ripe for a pregnancy support pillow. The Boppy Multi-use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow fits the bill, and can be used in lots of different configurations. It’s contoured so that I can curl around it to sleep on your slide, as my doctor recommends. It supports my bump, as well as my head and neck on the top portion of the curved pillow. The rear portion cradles my back, and the bottom of the pillow tucks between my legs to keep the hips positioned properly.

It’s supportive and soft—and the slipcover, made of 100% cotton, is removable so it can be washed which is a big plus in my book.

In addition to bed time, the pillow is great for relaxing. You can use it to prop yourself up in bed or on the couch as you’re reading or typing or watching TV. There are a couple of different configurations, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much it enhanced my comfort while sitting or leaning back. I am trying to enjoy my bed, my couch, and my napping as much as I can while I still can—and this Boppy body pillow definitely helps me towards my goal.

There is one other member of the family who wholeheartedly approves… and snuggles up to the Boppy as soon as I get up to take my morning shower!

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Meeting Snoopy and PEANUTS at Castaway Bay

A special thank you to Castaway Bay in Sandusky, Ohio for providing me with complimentary tickets in exchange for the following post.

Castaway Bay Weekend

Each time I visit Castaway Bay, I always find something new to do with the kids. Maybe it’s because each year we visit, they’re another year older and ready for a new adventure. This was our third weekend trip to Castaway Bay, an indoor water park + hotel in Sandusky, Ohio.

It’s a great place for a quick weekend getaway. We first took Bear when she was just shy of a year and a half (and I had just found out I was pregnant with Little Man). We loved the toddler pool, but spent most of our time in the room, accommodating naps. Last year, with a 1 and 3 year old in tow, we spent the majority of our time at the water park – from the toddler pool to the “family fun house” to the “creature cove” pool.

This year, with a 2 and 4 year old, we spent the majority of our time in Club Castaway with the PEANUTS gang. The kids love Snoopy and were so excited to find out that the characters were “Here? At the Hotel?!” We even left the water park early in search of Snoopy and his friends (could have also been because the wave pool and toddler pool had been shut down due to a sh**** “stinky” situation). Word of advice – If you see a lifeguard hold his/her hand up in the air in a fist while rhythmically blowing the whistle, GET OUT. A bomb has been dropped.

When we found out that there was a dance party with the PEANUTS at 8pm, we hurried back to the room, which has been updated – you have no idea how happy that makes me (it now resembles the updated rooms in Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point). After quick baths (yes, there are tubs – a must-have when traveling to a water park with kids), we headed out to the party.

If my teenage self only knew these would be the types of parties I would be attending in my early 30s…

Dance Party Snoopy

Bear and Little Man had a blast. They both broke out of their shells and even jumped on stage.

Next up was a movie and bedtime story with the man of the hour – Snoopy! The kids gathered for a 30 minute Charlie Brown classic, followed by a bedtime story with Snoopy. Now how will I ever compete with that bedtime routine?

Snoopy Movie Castaway Bay

Snoopy Bedtime Story

The clock hit 9:30 (two hours past typical bedtime) and it was time to head back to the room. But not before a goodnight hug.

Snoopy_Castaway Bay

Another fun family weekend getaway at Castaway Bay in the books. There is nothing better than family time!

Daddy Snuggles


Looking to take a day trip with the kids? I’m giving away 4 Day Passes to Castaway Bay!


Flash giveaway runs now through 3/30/17 at 11:59pm ET on the Spit Up is the New Black Facebook page and is open to US residents ages 18+. This giveaway is in no way associated with or endorsed by Facebook. By entering this giveaway you release Facebook of all liability. Winner will be selected at random and announced publicly on this post on March 31, 2017. Winner will be tagged if the winner’s Facebook settings permit. Winner will be mailed (4) Day Passes. Void where prohibited. Note: travel and accommodations are not included.

Even if you’re not a winner, be sure to sign up for the Castaway Bay Birthday Club for a free Birthday pass!

Plus, be sure to check out these tips if visiting Castaway Bay with toddlers!

Tips for Visiting Castaway Bay with Toddlers

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Just Born Sparkle Collection Baby Registry Picks

Mom-to-be and the newest Spit Up is the New Black contributor Tori partnered with Just Born for the following post. Samples were provided.

Crafting a baby registry is an essential element of preparing for impending parenthood — as much a part of the process as choosing a nursery theme and figuring out how to assemble furniture from illustrated-only instructions. It’s a great way to help out your friends and family who might want to share their excitement over the imminent arrival of the new tiny person you are creating by giving a gift. By registering, it lets well-wishers know exactly what you’d like and see what you’ve already received, hopefully preventing you from being the recipient of 13 nasal aspirators. It’s especially helpful to create a registry if someone will be throwing you a baby shower.

6 Baby Registry Must-Haves | spitupisthenewblack.com

In addition to larger items, like a high chair or play yard, it’s a great idea to think about some soft goods too. These are the kinds of things you will use all the time so it’s a great idea to stock up. Just Born has a great selection of bed and bath solutions that are designed to provide comfort, safety and functionality. From soft nursery bedding and safe sleepwear to bath time basics, their products are designed to be durable and adorable!

Here are my six picks from the Just Born Sparkle Collection and a few from their other lines, too. They mix and match so well!

Just Born Pack

Swaddle Blankets
Boy 3-Pack Muslin Swaddle Blankets, $40

I’ve seen enough of my veteran mom friends use these to know they’re a must-have! Lightweight, 100% cotton muslin blankets are essential for swaddling baby in those early months—keeping them the right temperature without having a loose blanket in the crib, which is a safety no-no. They can also be used to drape over a stroller or lay on the ground for tummy time in the many months to come.

Just Born - muslin

Sea Anchor Simply Secure Swaddle, $17

This sleep sack meets a swaddler wraps up baby for a cozy snooze. I like to think it’s bleary 3 a.m. parent-proof, thanks to smart Velcro and an internal wrap. My favorite feature? The bottom opens for easy diaper change access or to offer ventilation, which my summer baby just might need.

Just Born Swaddle

Blue and Navy Washcloth Set 4-pack, $12.99

My own mom assures me you can never have too many of these! She stashed them all around the house, not just in the bathroom—there was always a supply in the kitchen too. My sisters and I were always presentable in public so I’ll follow suit and keep a supply of soft, cotton washcloths on hand, too.

Just Born Washcloths

Just Born Sparkle Sleep & Play Footie in Blue, $9.99

Growing up, we called them shuffle jammies—and it’s never too soon for the adorable footie jam to make an appearance! Whether napping or just chilling, these are a baby wardrobe staple and too cute to pass up.

Just Born Sleeper

Newborn Hats
Just Born Blue Newborn Hat 2-Pack, $7.99

Not just for winter babies, hats are super helpful in helping newborns keep themselves warm— babies aren’t born with the ability to self-regulate their temperature yet. A matching hat to compliment a sleeper is picture-perfect way of keeping them warm!

Just Born Hats

Baby Mittens
Just Born Blue Newborn Mitts 2-Pack, $5.99

A pair of lightweight mittens are a great idea in case your little one likes to scratch himself in the face with those inexplicably razor-sharp baby nails. Waiting for coordination never looked so cute.

Just Born Mitts

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Stonyfield Becomes Part of the B Corp Community

As Stonyfield Yo-Getter, this post is sponsored by Stonyfield Organics.

Stonyfield greek yogurt

I’ve partnered with Stonyfield for nearly two years as part of their Stonyfield Yo-Getters blogger program. One of the reasons I am so passionate about this company is because of its mission to keep food and food production healthy while protecting the environment.

What started with just seven cows in 1983 has turned it the leading organic yogurt maker today. Thirty years later, Stonyfield still says no to to toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs – so important when I am deciding what to feed my kids!

Stonyfield greek yogurt cups

“At Stonyfield, we’ve been on a mission to create food that’s good for us, our kids and the environment all along. We believe it’s important to take care of the world around us to make food that you can feel good about feeding your family…We are proud to join forces with a thoughtful group of businesses around the world who believe they have a responsibility to others. A responsibility to serve more than just shareholders. A responsibility to create social value. The movement is global, and the benefits are local for everyone.”

To recognize Stonyfield’s passion for the environment, its workers and the community, they were recently certified by the nonprofit B Lab. To be certified, a company meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, which is why Stonyfield is now a Certified B Corporation (or B Corp, for short).

Preserve toothbrush from Stonyfield Yogurt Cups

B Corps are better companies – better for workers, better for communities and better for the environment. Stonyfield is seated among a long list of 1600+ companies that strive to redefine success in business including King Arthur, Preserve (who makes toothbrushes from recycled Stonyfield yogurt cups), Pete & Gerry’s, Purely Elizabeth, Pukka and Method. 

For a full list of B Corps, visit bcorporation.net.

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